Viola + Rosemarie
Spring Farm Trailhead Engagement

Look, we’ve wanted to share Viola + Rosemarie’s magical Hudson Valley engagement session for a while. But I’m so glad we’re sharing it now, spotlighting these two front line heroes! These amazing people are both NYC nurses and they made the trek upstate they made the trek upstate to meet us at Spring Farm Trailhead in Mohonk Preserve at the height of the fall foliage season. This place is breath-taking in every season, but with all these red and orange leaves and that golden light, it looks like something from a postcard we’d pick up in town. These two kept it cozy with flannel and sweaters and lots of cuddles. Looking back on all this gorgeousness while we put together this post was such a source of joy for us. It’s heartening to know these sweet, strong souls are out there caring for us when we need them most. We’re so grateful that we had the privilege to capture their love and their bliss on this day – and we can’t wait to see them again for their wedding in October!