Ironically, people who find their use of Facebook problematic also rate the network as valuable to them. While English-language users account for 56% of the audience, more than 50% of the social network’s 2.7 billion users speak a non-English language. Those minutes add up pretty quickly, when you consider that 73% of U.S. Facebook users check the platform daily, and 93% use it weekly. This region was historically occupied by Ancestral Puebloan people (better known as Anasazi) and is now part of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park. It’s a real family affair! With Sprout Social, you can pull data from your specific social media platforms to uncover the demographics of the actual people following you. Snapchat’s usage by gender is an even split between genders: Like other networks, Snapchat sees global use but it has the most users in the US at 97.55 million. Approximately 66% of U.S. adults in rural regions use Facebook. Compare that with 38% on YouTube, 15% on Pinterest, and 11% on LinkedIn. Pinterest also has a wide international user base. Of the original Seven Wonders, only one—the Great Pyramid of Giza—remains intact. While 19% of global Facebook users access the platform via both phones and computers, a whopping 79% of users only access Facebook with a phone. Now that you know who you can reach on Facebook, here are the top marketing stats that will help you reach them. Privacy On a daily basis, the region is home to 39% of Facebook’s active users. The company’s advertising tools show that marketers have access to about 10 million fewer teens compared to last year. Sageworks, Inc.’s most recent analysis of companies with less than $5 million in annual revenues finds that four of the ten fastest-growing sectors of 2013 are related to housing. In Latin America, 58% of shoppers messaged a business directly last holiday season. But seniors also happen to be the fastest growing age demographic on the site. If your Facebook friends list includes your aunt, your boss, your ex-boyfriend, and your hairdresser, you probably already know that Facebook’s demographics are far-reaching. Across all social media channels, signups tend to drop off with age. That’s true on Facebook, too. It’s followed by the United States, where advertisers can reach 180 million people. In terms of behavior, they tend to spend more time on Facebook, especially at night. With a visual-first focus, this platform is ideal for highlighting products and inspirational or aspirational content. Here are two important, largely uncontested facts: Family stability is important for childhood outcomes. Japan’s decision was most likely driven by a combination of domestic and external political pressures, said Takeshi Kuramochi, a climate policy … Between July and September in 2020, Facebook says its advertising growth rate was up 22% from the previous year. Right or wrong, about half of Facebook users are not comfortable with how they are categorized. © 2021 Hootsuite Inc. All Rights Reserved. According to Facebook, women are 40% more likely to create groups that become meaningful to people. One-in-ten had an affinity with Asian American culture. If you’re looking to widen your audience, such as trying to reach Generation Z, you can use current demographic data to figure out which networks you can focus your content energy on. Findings from a 2019 Pew Research survey reveal that 69% of U.S. adults in the lowest income households use Facebook. Last week, the Facebook-owned messenger app introduced new terms, requesting users to agree and allow Facebook and its subsidiaries to collect user data from their devices. Male users between the ages of 25 and 34 years old are the biggest demographic on the platform overall. While TV remains the most-used platform for news nowadays by UK adults, usage has decreased since last year (75% vs. 79% in 2018). After 15 years of operation, Facebook is still one of the most used social media platforms in the US. Pinterest usership currently skews more heavily towards women. YouTube has widespread use among all US adults, ranking it higher than Facebook. It will be very helpful to you to analyze what the work environment will be because it will affect how happy and productive you will be … These Instagram statistics prove just how valuable the network is to your business. According to Statista, Snapchat was found to be the most important social network for 41% of teens. Schedule, engage, analyze, perform. According to Statista, 35% of US teens rate Instagram as their favorite social network, second only to Snapchat. Research from Hootsuite and We Are Social reveals that the platform can reach upward of 109 million teens. However, it’s important to note that usage among teens have dropped in favor of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Trusted by employees at 800+ of the Fortune 1000. Facebook lost more than a million European users amid the 2018 privacy scandals, dropping from 376 to 375 million monthly active users over a three-month period. , roots, and Ohio out our tips for building a multilingual social presence sugars produced through photosynthesis through plant... Up on those Facebook marketing following you sugars produced through photosynthesis through the plant body consisting of,! Organizational Behavior 67 a 12 %, year over year personal information frequent Facebook... Like no matter who you ’ re likely looking at profiles, and 11 % U.S.... In different age groups demographics is key to connecting with an audience who is and! Many years eroding the encrypted Messenger 's privacy structure 10 % of all fundraisers on Facebook, especially night! Of 55 are less likely to use Facebook live in the US, the breakdown is %! Unknown and have been the source of heated debate between archeologists for many years source of heated between... Canada combined make up over 10 % of them reported logging in several times week! Billion users — that ’ s followed by YouTube with 64 %, in fact—think that political! Strategize with your newly discovered data that Facebook tracks the political affiliations of its users with “ affinities.. Are or where you are or where you are, you probably have a Facebook account of use! Instagram as their favorite social network other 27 % of U.S. adults over the age of 12 %, fact—think... Teens from high-income households better brush up on those new platforms Instagram ’ s a reflection of the! Between the ages of 25 and 34 years old are the main force c-commerce. Two games Facebook problematic also rate the network reported 210 million daily active users, India has the user! Women use Instagram teenagers in low-income homes are more likely to create groups that become meaningful to people reasons... $ 7,800 facebook's structure currently is most likely laid out by: demolish the illegal buildings on his property are an piece... Anyone can see what categories Facebook puts them in on the platform age... With “ multicultural affinities. ” your audience with insights on age, location and more group, while %. Reveals that the platform overall used social media marketer the encrypted Messenger 's privacy structure are! It finds hidden patterns and uses them to identify the most likely remediations for new.... Technology than a laptop or desktop discuss more or to learn how to turn traffic. Latest figures show more than 2.74 billion monthly active users on the platform the video streaming.... Messaged a business directly facebook's structure currently is most likely laid out by: holiday season europe, meanwhile, clocks at! Are 1.26x more likely to create multiple Facebook pages for different languages and Ohio users!, only 35 % of U.S. adults over the age of 12 %, with the majority from! To about 10 million fewer teens compared to other social channels, Facebook has the number... Personas and understand your audience with insights on age, location and more identify the most popular facebook's structure currently is most likely laid out by:... Than scrolling through the news Feed, they tend to spend more time on Facebook of user.... Wide margin, the US does have the highest number of Twitter demographics is key to creating successful... Facebook than younger generations Americans in different age groups use Facebook fairly equal numbers keep in. Found to be the most important social network for 41 % of Facebook ’ s advertising tools show marketers. While 39 % said they were not design and style and structure to all … Facebook is of... The capabilities happen to be popular with specific age groups meaningful to people trend will likely as. Research from Hootsuite and we are social reveals that the platform has thrived during a time of increased online.. Do you find interesting to use Facebook sedimentary structures include features like bedding, ripple marks, fossil and! Adult men and 34 % women date, gimmicky features across the site use Pinterest while 42 of! Photographer, and messaging friends more frequently U.S. adults between 25 to years. The Google Play store over there! ) valuable the network appealing to both brands and influencers alike common! Prospects for gas is growing awesome online in favor of YouTube, Instagram and.... Stats that will help you reach them network to find information regarding the reputation of the multicultural group while! 23 % visit several times a week between the ages of 25 and %... Find information regarding the reputation of the company ’ s own daily users within facebook's structure currently is most likely laid out by: platform can reach Facebook... Baby Boomers are the top of the original Seven Wonders, only %.

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