Sandra + Kam
West Village NYC Engagement Shoot

Sandra and Kam’s engagement shoot in the West Village was so much fun! Since they don’t live in NYC anymore, they flew in just for this shoot – and lucky for us it was a beautiful day. I really enjoyed getting to know them and hearing about how they met in New York City and spent a lot of time in the Village before getting engaged. We hit up a lot of their favorite places including Washington Square Park and Molly’s Cupcakes. So happy for these two sweethearts!

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  • feri

    on April 5, 2016  2:18 pm

    what a beautiful couple
    good luck to you in your new venture
    much love


    on April 7, 2016  1:58 am

    Your love, brighter than morning sincere, when you comprising love for the sake of keep together without any expectation...

  • Sarvenaz

    on April 23, 2016  3:56 am

    Congratulation kami.
    very beautiful.
    good luck to you .
    love u & Sandra