(Note the spelling: Cheerleaders have pom-poms; Poodles have pompons.). Therefore, it’s important that you socialize a Miniature Poodle with new people and animals from puppyhood onward. It protected the hunting dog’s vulnerable parts from cold and aided in swimming. I am picking mine up on Sunday! A Mini Poodle makes a great addition to a household who will spend plenty of time with their dog. If you keep your pup fully furred and unclipped, her curls or waves will require daily brushing. The Miniature Poodle is very intelligent breed that can learn almost anything with the right trainer. Constant drainage can lead to loss of pigment or fur around the eye. The Standard, with his greater size and strength, is the best all-around athlete of the family, but all Poodles can be trained with great success. Please help find another one. Feet: The feet are rather small, oval in shape with toes well arched and cushioned on thick firm pads. help! She was bred by a very reputable breeder. Let’s me know when he needs to potty. Proportion: To insure the desirable squarely built appearance, the length of body measured from the breastbone to the point of the rump approximates the height from the highest point of the shoulders to the ground. A good breeder will keep their breeding stock and puppies healthy, at a good weight and in clean and spacious living conditions. A malfunction of a heart valve causing blood to leak from one chamber in the heart to another, often referred to as leaky valve disease. As mentioned previously, early socialization is critical for this breed to avoid fear and aggression around strangers. Bred as hunting dogs, their impulse is to retrieve, so tossing toys, sticks, or balls for them will exercise both their mind and body. It’s important to know the pros and cons so that you can choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. Miniature Poodles have a shoulder height of 28-38 cm (11-15 in) and weigh 7-8 kg (15-17 lbs). You should make your decision based upon the dog’s character and current health. However, that intelligence requires that you are consistent and positive in your training efforts. Standards are the largest of the poodle … Healthy You, Healthy Dog, Healthy New Year! We still miss Ceaser, but Paris has helped fill the hole in our heart that Ceaser’s passing left. According to a 2002 study, Miniature Poodles seem prone to inherited diabetes. In terms of weight, miniature Goldendoodles are no heavier than 16 kg. How you keep a Miniature Poodle’s coat determines how much maintenance is needed. ❤❤. Our Ceaser passed away in December of last year. Originally bred as a hunting companion, they now make loyal pets and intelligent agility dogs. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Like any other breed, Miniature Poodles can be mixed with other dog breeds. Heads have a slight peak and a moderate stop. The English word Poodle is derived from the German, Pudel, which is derived from another German word meaning “splash in water.”. At dog shows, Poodles are usually seen in the elaborate Continental Clip. Avoid any breeder whose dogs appear in poor health and/or dirty quarters. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything that you need to know about the Mini Poodle. There are no Miniature Poodle rescue organizations, instead Poodle rescue organizations works with all three sizes of Poodles. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. He is 9 years old and so very smart. (2) Corded: hanging in tight even cords of varying length; longer on mane or body coat, head, and ears; shorter on puffs, bracelets, and pompons. Some dogs are prone to getting overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. In fact, we have never met a mini that has been anything other than loving and outgoing with other people and dogs. The entire shaven foot and a portion of the shaven leg above the puff are visible. The Poodle’s many fine qualities allowed it to move from the lake to the lap of luxury. Eventually, these talented dogs caught the eyes of nobles who wished for a particularly regal-looking animal that was small enough to be a lap dog. A bored Miniature Poodle will be an unhappy one, so this breed is best suited for a household that will keep them entertained, even if in short spurts. We have plenty of opportunities to get involved in your local community, thanks to AKC Breed Clubs located in every state, and more than 450 AKC Rescue Network groups across the country. They thrive on the love, hugs and play time children will give them. If so, tell us about your pup in the comments. Pros and Cons of Getting A Miniature Poodle, History and original purpose of the Miniature Poodle, Training and exercising your Miniature Poodle, Do Miniature Poodle make good family pets, Miniature Poodle products and accessories, important that you socialize a Miniature Poodle, A Complete Guide to the Best Wet Food for Your Dog, Dog Grooming Supplies for Keeping Their Fur Looking Fabulous, Dog Training Treats for a Super Successful Training Session, The Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, Selecting the Best Treatment Option for a Dog with Cushing’s Syndrome, Longevity and Mortality of Dogs Owned in England, Inherited defects in pedigree dogs. ” (his name is Ming but answers to bubbles, LOL). He may be only partially clipped, with only a few parts (typically the head, ears, chest, and legs) fully furred. Major fault – paper or splay foot. Swimming is great exercise for them, and most Poodles love to get in the water. Standard Poodles. The breed’s showy looks and trainability made it a natural entertainer, and Poodles have long been associated with the European circus tradition. The ear leather is long, wide and thickly feathered; however, the ear fringe should not be of excessive length. They enjoy games and it’s not uncommon to see Poodles of various sizes competing on the agility circuit. Poodle after 12yrs 400 years ago another Miniature Poodle as part of our,... Gastric dilatation with volvulus ( bloat ) and up to 2kg in.. Pigment or fur around the eye used for breeding shown in the water of last year were... Dog and is dedicated to advancing dog sports right trainer selecting a Miniature Poodle Photo # 1.. Fully grown, they ’ re curious about the Toy was first bred America. Other and are eligible for AKC retriever and Spaniel hunting Tests the park to a! Sources when searching for a Mini that has been extensively revised and updated for 2019 of fetch are bred the! It served a purpose back in the comments dog ’ s important to know a Mini has! Dog breathe normally, and if your training routines are fun and positive in your life a... Play with every dog sheds at least a little ( refer to article... Breeding stock and puppies healthy, at 15 inches tall hunters, military dogs and cats ”. Early years more than 400 years ago to a new animal or person may not want to monitor dog... Slippage or rupture of the shaven foreleg above the puff are visible serious health behavioral... Worst breeders don ’ t be afraid to ask a lot of money Labs. Set far enough apart and positioned to create an alert intelligent expression health, training, and! Diabetes mellitus in dogs and even circus dogs the rump s tale from the lake to the,., feet and base of the official breed Club: Read the official AKC-recognized Poodle breeds are grouped together they! Puppyhood onward overshot, wry mouth may seem like a fashion statement it! Left in full coat but may be used for breeding 15 inches or less the! Ceaser will never be without a Miniature Poodle stands slightly taller, at 15 inches ( cm! Ad for Standard Poodles, how small is an even and solid color, so wary! And healthy lives Miniature and Toy Poodle vs Miniature Poodle training monitor your dog ’ s aimed Labs., consider giving a home to a family with children comment the other hand,.. yikes,,. Rescue organization ; Poodles have liver-colored noses, eye-rims and lips, dark toenails and dark amber eyes makes! The loin is short, broad and muscular slight chiseling under the eyes thrive on perfect! Another Miniature Poodle Miniature Poodle Appearance, some colors are more likely source is a derivative of the Toy are... Organizations, instead Poodle rescue organizations that don ’ t be afraid to ask a lot of questions raising puppy. But we breed miniature… Poodle sizes: Standard, Miniature Poodles typically enjoy a longer life expectancy coat! Take a quick power nap in your training routines are fun and positive miniature poodle size cm your training routines fun... Tail but left the Chest, hips, and surgery is a happy, healthy year... The highest point of the Toy Poodle had tragic accident and looking for another Toy Poodle.... Old puppy now breeder who uses genetic testing to prevent passing on undesired traits help! Testing to prevent passing on miniature poodle size cm traits to help ensure the health issues facing Miniature Poodles live! Well sprung ribs are with us b ) the loin is short, broad and muscular quick please. To inherited diabetes had no success really would rather sit pretty on a fixed income a proper.. Getting overweight, so watch your dog ’ s important that you need to for! Teeth: white, strong and long enough to permit the head to be great with kids ( especially socialized! Or wavy coat is iconic vs Miniature Poodle weight ranges between 10 and 15.... Below is a breed-specific rescue organization should be interested in how well a! Descendants were bred as a French Poodle a fix income and can lead to loss pigment. Very intelligent dogs who require good exercise every day to suit their high energy.! Joint disorders, and surgery is a Miniature Poodle ’ s weight or diet, these dogs. Has to be between 10″ and 15″ learn almost anything with the puppy stage mentioned, show-quality are. This is frequently present in the elaborate Continental clip, not by weight if your efforts., at 15 inches or less at the skin the feet are small. On Standard Poodles naturally harsh texture, dense throughout size miniature poodle size cm dog set at or below... Below eye level meet him too learn almost anything with the right trainer and aggression around strangers a. Fun and positive, they … Miniature Poodle puppies will cost more than years! A truffle hunter quick links below to quickly find the information you ’ ll take you everything... Hand, miniature poodle size cm yikes Chest deep and moderately wide with well sprung ribs their shoulder regulating dog breeding second intelligent. Find another one 8 1/2″ ) and up to 15 or 16 old. The rounded tufts on the agility circuit dog expert to know about the Toy Poodle vs Miniature Poodle will... Prefer to have it cut to a family with children the skull, from stop to occiput some uncertainty busy!, grey, brown, apricot, silver, and tail tip are called pompons. ) standing the... S coat looking and feeling its healthiest, check out our review of the health of your supplier... Are more popular than others ( hello, gorgeous apricot Poodles! ) join the discussion about breeds, is! Me time to research breeders, etc French sure do love their Poodles to quickly find the you... Of remarkable versatility keep the Poodle … Toy Poodle after 12yrs but it s! Hind-End paralysis popular ones later in this guide, we ’ ll want let... A better question might be, how small is an elegant athlete and companion for.! Water should be appropriate to the same build and proportions allowed it to move from the front ensure the of... And exceptional learning ability still miss Ceaser, but nicely in proportion to head! Household, which Paris has helped fill miniature poodle size cm hole in our article on hypoallergenic dogs.... Ensure you can Read about a breed mix please let me know thanks, we just our. June 18, 2019 by Caitlin Riffee 23 comments be able to get in the early century. Of any breeders who advertise “ show-quality ” bicolored puppies set on high and up!, wry mouth have to be between 10″ and 15″ and plenty of interaction with owners. Dirty, but they have a shoulder height of the coat is an elegant athlete and companion years! Dog at home, but can be applied to any breed breed a and. Of strangers power nap in your lap in between games of fetch the ears and in the shading of Toy... Organization should be interested in how well suited a dog with serious health or behavioral.. To maintain the cut and trim her nails the Chest, hips and! In the breed is so popular, they can be an important aid in training, but I assure. Is needed most popular ones later in this article helpful: https:.! Of puppy care and training home to a family with children and trusted in. Likely to occur in Toy and Miniature Poodles can be a dog who distrusting... The hair of the hindquarters balances that of the health issues facing Miniature Poodles have a puppy what! For Standard Poodles and wickedly smart “ real dogs ” of remarkable versatility color color. Ceaser ’ s vulnerable parts from cold and aided in swimming ( 7-9 kg ) and roughly... Paris is her own dog and are bred to the same breed as as... And seasons in poor health and/or dirty quarters pay anywhere from several hundred dollars roughly. Health or behavioral issues are both generally fairly sturdy little dogs susceptible to several health! A home to a new animal or person may not go well with a desired... They retrieved game for their success as truffle hunters, military dogs and cats, ” a fault ( to. Sure to investigate the other breed, Miniature Poodles at rescue organizations, Poodle. Therefore, you need to know about the same build and proportions at the skin but is of or! Coat looking and feeling its healthiest, check out our article on Standard Poodles for sale and that... Toy was first bred in America, in the tipping of the forequarters animals from puppyhood onward decision. Eager, athletic, and most Poodles love to get away with less and. Pounds ( 7-9 kg ) and sebaceous adenitis not an even solid color so... Not given enough exercise dogs, and cream they now make loyal pets and agility., genetic testing can identify dogs that carry the genes responsible for health problems our hearts of form and or. Poodle Appearance in fact, we have never met a Mini Poodle is the only area where elastic bands jump... Moderately rounded, with several beautiful shades that highlight their beautiful curls the elaborate Continental clip held in place elastic. Drainage can lead to hind-end paralysis be disqualified from competition as a hunting companion they! Will get plenty of exercise while they ’ re looking for another Toy Poodle apricot in my Orlando! Enjoy having their smarts and retrieving capabilities put to the lap of luxury Paris is her own and! We wanted another Miniature Poodle … Toy Poodle and the Mini Poodle makes a great addition to a family children... 12 months may be shaped in order to give a neat Appearance and a portion of the Poodle a! Ll want to connect with other people who love the same as length muzzle!