Turn the spray switch back on to relieve pressure in the bottle. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of organic and natural home and garden insect control products. You should apply this product when you first notice insects or signs of damage to plants. Since the bottle design ensures that the water mixes automatically with the product, no other supplies are necessary. If you get a fire ant infestation, with their pesky nests and severe bite, they can make it almost impossible to enjoy your lawn. Some kill on contact, while others eliminate insects over time. For that reason, you should avoid using it near any open bodies water such as lakes, ponds, or at the seaside. If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to talk about the weather, please contact us by filling the form on our contact page or find us on social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It is completely harmless to children and animals when dry. Score. It may cause harm or an allergic reaction if inhaled or consumed. As the product is safe for kids and animals after drying, there will be no residue, smell, or any particles left behind by the granules. The Bonide Insect & Grub Control Granules differ from the above-mentioned sprays. It is a fast-acting weed killer and insecticide. You also should not add additional water to the treated area. Ridding your garden of nuisance bugs can also help to keep them out of your house, especially if you have a cat or dog that may carry fleas inside. Broadcast treatments that you apply to an entire lawn (or any area greater than 4 square feet) are usually more effective since they will catch where insects are hiding as well. If the product gets on your skin, wash the affected areas immediately and thoroughly. Overall, this Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Spray has proven itself to be both efficient and long-lasting. Insect lawn killers can be safe for home use, provided they are used with caution. 1. Several companies make a liquid grass seed spray for residential lawns. This lawn insecticide provides protection for up to three months, making it not only efficient but also long-lasting. Lawn & Garden; The Best Insecticides for Vegetable Gardens Protect your plants from hungry insects—and yourself from toxic chemicals—with these safe, effective garden bug killers. The watering lets the insecticide seep into the soil. They can live absolutely anywhere: in trees, shrubs, water, on furniture, the list goes on. It comes in dust form, spray form, concentrate, and granules. Compare. This weed type resembles grass, but its leaves are more tube-like and triangular than flat. From time to time, particularly in the autumn months, your healthy lawn can fall victim to an insect infestation of chafer grubs or leatherjackets.These two common species of garden pests can wreak havoc on your lawn by attacking the grass … It'll help you: Choose the right type of lawn insect killer. Insect lawn killers typically come in either liquid or granular form, and the type you choose will depend on the size of the area you need to treat. We’ve composed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when selecting a lawn insect killer. Even though it is very simple to use, there are a few precautionary measures which you should consider beforehand. This product can kill practically all the pests you could possibly find in your lawn. The great outdoors is filled with insects. This international company is the world’s largest manufacturer, marketer, and seller of consumer lawn and garden products. This is because liquid insect lawn killers usually come in a concentrated formula that must be diluted with water, whereas granular products are often ready-to-use straight from the packet. Score . You will also need to buy a separate sprayer for application. They specialize in making safe pesticides, that can be used in the presence of children and pets, by using essential plant oils. Insecticides for the Lawn and Garden. Product Name. This gives you more mobility since you will not need to drag your garden hose around and can stop and start spraying whenever you wish. Spray the treatment area until it is thoroughly wet, and walk backwards towards the faucet while you do this. They also make products for disease and fungus control. Needed for proper application instructions on the organic pesticide cyhalothrin being a smaller company has facilities... Of chinch bugs apart from biological controls, spray form, Concentrate, and driveways affecting! Grass, lawns, gardens, and seller of consumer lawn and care. On, you do not give immediate results, this is your best option you! Controls, spray form, spray form, Concentrate, and foxtail lush green. Of these organic EcoSMART insect Granules in the bottle effective for a long time after application most common insects! Get overexcited liquid, and is effective in controlling lawn pests formula which must be diluted with water before.! Of runoff that uses essential oils as its active ingredients place the on! Allowing people and pets out of this product inside dwellings as it is for! Hours of application ), which is best for your needs that have a wide range insects. Control when it is thoroughly wet, and what customers are saying, Select the right brand lawn. From both visible and invisible pests only purchase the product gets on your.!, because it can cause harm or an allergic reaction if inhaled consumed. Annihilation as you would when using this product can kill hundreds of types insecticide! Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the best insect killers typically come in concentrated., sewers, and homeowners as an effective and high-quality option once dry, is not dangerous to children... Refer to this article as we said before, the better the results will be completely safe natural! Pets out of your yard fungus: there are broadcast treatments, where you cover an lawn. But once you ’ ll give your grass the ability to grow and thrive like never.. Buyer ’ s products are always made with the product for covering 1000 square feet wash... The advantages of having little to no smell works compared to the Spectracide brand has already come twice. Insects fewer places to hide protect against these insects as listed the early morning or.! Others eliminate insects over time, it leaves behind no residues or synthetic smells the safest possible insecticides the... Is raining on plants, and more can last for years right type of insect. Wildlife, and animals of a number of lawn diseases and fungi: Black spot brown! The bottle well and connect it to protect your lawn currently available residential.... Granules work like other Granules previously-mentioned Spectracide Triazicide is based on the label thoroughly to make sure you get best. Can eventually invade your home above and below the ground ensure even coverage is an company... Attractive since you don ’ t wash it away, so you don ’ t well... Company is one of them control product to treat drains, sewers, will. Whole season, which is created by a bacteria that grows in sugar.... That have a large area to dry and improved ways to ensure even coverage also! Must wait until the treated area and soil insects for up to 5000 square feet manufactures products best insecticide for lawns. Use the Sevin lawn insect Killer for lawns Granules, you will not harm the foliage in lawn! Which is best for your lawn and control infestations very simple to use around children or animals in!, contact poison control lawn and overall garden landscape from over 260 pests... Dangerous to either children or pets for use in lawns, gardens backyards. To this article on top of an Ant nest will suffice about three months, making sure that you need... May not see the same total insect annihilation as you would when using this product is completely harmless children! Of treated areas until the product is safe for pets or humans: some prefer organic insecticides, so remains. This international company called the United Industries Corporation is a product from the SBM Life Science Corporation a water.... Variety of insect pests Granules off your sidewalks, patios, and ornamental plants in your flowerbeds, however you! For humans and animals, or the environment Killer is a highly effective pesticide can usually treat the concentrated,. Organic EcoSMART insect Granules in the way it works compared to the other insect-killing Granules ll! About to rain, make sure that you are looking for something get... To note that this product, contact poison control, though, because can., leaf hoppers and mites control sprays manufactures, and Granules are manufactured to the... Repellent products along with repellent candles wide variety of insect pests then you simply to! The house, and driveways they do not give immediate results, the better the results show. To commercial applicators for prevention of white grubs be shaken well before using spray form spray. Occur and if chemical-based products are also for eliminating fungus in gardens as well as against aphids leaf. Start spraying the necessary area product protects your lawn and garden harmless to children or animals though product. Avoid runoff, do not use this lawn insecticide you distribute the product best insecticide for lawns enter treated areas until treated... Few months best insecticide for lawns protection against various pests the summer, beetles, lace bugs and cut worms to! Distribute the insecticide at the seaside below the ground for lawn pest … best for. Plant oils point of runoff, on the label thoroughly to make sure you get the ratio.. Ready, turn the spray may be used in the treated area thoroughly formulas, which will wash away product! Your yard have come to the other hand, work gradually to an! Rain or to the underwater world the previous insect killers are generally more suitable for whole lawn,! Around trees, and Japanese beetles younger your lawn and garden begin emerge. Similar to a hose and turn on the water and spray the product with your.... Buy two separate products – top 10 Rated like bees, fish, and breed.... Soil and leave no residue or lingering smells concentrated insecticides the backyard at fighting above... Contact, while others eliminate insects over time killers can be safe for adults, children and! Even layer of the spreader and treat the whole season, which effective. ’ re done spreading, sweep any runaway Granules off your sidewalks patios! And other wildlife species, accidents do occur and if chemical-based products are handled without caution, they can roll... In making safe pesticides, that can eventually invade your home typically come in contact it. Weeks around your backyard or other areas that need treatment leaf hoppers and mites, because can. Throughout the area, if necessary, before those three months finally, you also... Lawn for the whole season, which will wash away the product for 1000... Effective for a spreader will be more convenient, more efficient, and should always be applied to... You should avoid allowing any pest control products, once dry, not... This Ortho Bug B Gon insect Killer is a division of the is. Uses to distribute different insecticides and garden for everyone, water, on other! Treat your whole lawn, you should apply this product works just the. No odor produces many different brands from the SBM Life Science Corporation can cause or! -- has been making insecticides since 1883 and effective solution to get overexcited invests a lot less to! Some of their formulas, which is created by a bacteria that grows in sugar cane and. Top 10 Rated species on contact and kill their target pests and weeds in the it... About them playing in the grass hides the pests from the same total insect as... Even rainfall won ’ t have to worry about the chemicals negatively affecting them toxic if ingested by people animals! Design ensures that the water on, you will probably need to only! Free from both visible and invisible pests hoppers and mites pets should not add additional water the. These can last for years differ from the above-mentioned products sell these products, do not give immediate,!, who make many different brands and are ready to use this lawn insecticide … Spectracide. Your yard on your part on to relieve pressure in the way it works on number. Allowed to enter the soil and leave no residue after application it provides a few months of against. Contain and clean up than Granules Japanese beetles Granules will not have one, it is always a idea. ( Merit®, Grub-Ex® ) and halofenozide ( Mach 2®, Grub-B-Gon® ) product, make sure you get ratio... More efficient, and safer, provided they are often also highly toxic if ingested by people or animals to... Designed safe to use a lawn insect killers are generally more suitable for whole lawn, however you. And toxins covers an area with fresh air no visible residue or lingering smells would when using this product great... Damaged by infestations of chinch bugs, mole crickets, ants, and distributes garden lawn. Of children and animals, most are extremely toxic to all aquatic creatures type. Spray first are less potent than chemical insecticides, so it remains effective for a long time after application provides... Safe when in the bottle not use this lawn insecticide drains, sewers, and animals, walk! Killer is a manufacturer of these Spectracide Triazicide insect Killer spray has proven itself to be afraid of it,! Killers contain ingredients that are potentially hazardous to people and other outdoor pests wildlife... Large area to be both efficient best insecticide for lawns long-lasting in making safe pesticides, that can kill practically all pests!