I've spent 20mins on the phone trying to resolve this with someone and messages on here, now I'm being told how a login page works. Hey @comcast if you remove @WGNNews @WGNTV from my channel options I am 100000000% leaving your service. **** this is like a bad dream. 4. hockeyhawks30. All rights reserved. Nothing angers me more than calling customer service and trying to get to a real person but the automated machine does everything it can to prevent you from reaching an actual person, looking at you @comcast, @Xfinity, once again, youve continued to screw over your customers with crappy service and outrageous fees. Savannah, Wilmington Island and Pooler. Down detector also reflects the same. Frustrations? @Xfinity I am a new customer who is having an issue with my TV box changing the input, so when my TV turns on automatically (per my TV setting, to help me wake up in the AM) Xfinity has changed the input from my HDMI1 to another option which doesnt work. Any official word on the matter? Paddy https://t.co/hBbj6tVEyH. Every other month, Im reminded of how trash @Xfinity is. 12:25 pm (IST): Many Xfinity subscribers have taken to Twitter to report that the service is currently down or not working for them. Downdetector also conveys an outage (as can be seen in the live outage map below). @Xfinity Changing internet speed means nothing when all your devices show wifi but no actual internet service #falseAdvertisement #XfinityClassAction #ServiceNoService, Xfinity full of **** for all this unnecessary. @BarstoolPhilly @comcast I remember. My service I pay for wont work and I cant get to a person, 4/ Xfinity representatives directed affected users to its status page, which includes a map to check for local outages and the option to check the status of a connection. Four times this week, and now the whole system is shut down, not just internet. 06:29 pm (IST): Diminishing reports on Downdetector and social media platforms such as Twitter suggest that the outage with Xfinity services has been resolved for the most part. However, things appear to have stabilized now. downdetector.com Problems at Comcast Real-time outage overview for Comcast. The map displays your service address' status and outages in the surrounding areas. #BTSport #MCINEW, @bt_uk Not so great to be told 4 days for an engineer visit, I have to take 4 days holiday or dont get paid, and to top it off just had a letter saying my bill is going up. SEND A COURTESY TEXT OR AN EMAIL YOU JERKS. Ready level the entire city of Chicago over a ******* PS5 with a nuclear missile and yes I am that damn serious about it. Criterion Digital 2023. Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media. In case you are also facing the issue, you may head to their service status page to check if there is an outage in your region. Replying to . source, Internet issues had to shut down stream , thanks Xfinity Metropolitan Transportation Authority outage map. @comcast. @Xfinity on me imma need some took off that bill for these outages mane Thinking face (Source), Lmao Internet outage (intermittent connection) was happening. Its CEO is Dave Watson, its chairman is Brian L. Roberts, and its CFO is Catherine Avgiris. I am happy to help. Thank you! AnneL - BT_UK Team, Whe is the awful female commentator on @btsport #MCINEW, @btsport @bt_uk So an error on MyBT prevents me from cancelling my 29.99 Monthly Pass to prevent autorenew. Visit the Downdetector Methodology page to learn more about how Downdetector collects 24/7 Customer Help The latest reports from users having issues in Savannah come from postal codes 31412, 31401 and 31406. You guess it, they screw you out of your money and then refuse to help you. 12:41 pm (IST): User reports indicate that the service has been restored or is at least in the process of being restored. Dish Network Gmail Call of Duty Google Boost Mobile Salesforce Spectrum Verizon T-Mobile AT&T Xfinity by Comcast WOW Cox Youtube Mediacom Smartsheet Spotify Paramount+ Google Nest Outlook Apple Support CenturyLink Faceit Twitter.To find out when was the last . People who does not have Hulu will not be able to see it. Xfinity by Comcast downtime for Seattle. Internet outage and I find out when my security cameras are down??? Atp, I hate everything about @Xfinity, but mostly the piss poor customer service. Try visiting the following official links: Hello, please send us a DM with your full name and address, we will be happy to help. @kape1k Did you check to see if there was a known issue in your area? I would be happy to help check on the services. No pun intended, but who is the absolute charlatan that is murdering One to Another for the @btsport theme tune? Apart from user reports, the Down detector also conveys an outage in some of the regions (as can be seen in the map below): A user has now shared the Maintenance notification which explains the internet issues. Update 34 (August 12, 2022) 08:55 am (IST): Many frustrated Xfinity users have taken to Twitter to report that their internet, as well as TV, isn't working. Xfinity Flex is a 4K streaming device included with Xfinity Internet that extends the best features of X1 to customers who prefer only a broadband experience. Has been going on for a few days now. View the Xfinity outage map and find out when an area will be back online. The map displays your service address's status. Rise in my bill yet lack of service today, @mark25ogden @btsport @btsportfootball She is awful. Consenting to these technologies will allow us to process data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs on this site. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. I worked and paid for it and so I need Vladimir Putin to send me a nuke because over a PS5 & a Alexa device and my Xfinity internet device. Generated from Reports Received from Affected Users Within Last 12 Hours. I keep loosing connection regularly and its annoying when trying to watch live sport. Anyone out there have suggestions for good internet? Extremely sorry to hear that you are having these issues with the service. That means its not very localized. Also experiencing current outage or problems with Comcast? The heatmap above shows where the most recent user-submitted and social media reports are geographically clustered. And then not picking up the phone. 104 River St, Montgomery, VT 05471 $229,000 Est. - Brittany, Hi, I am glad you reached out. These offerings are usually available in triple play packages. source. Comcast is having issues since 10:10 PM EDT. Going by reports proliferating on Twitter, Xfinity/Comcast users in some areas are experiencing an outage. Worse service EVER! Were yet to locate a word from the official service channels or their social media handles. Comcast internet outage map for problems Taking a look at our Comcast outage map reveals where there's current problems with the companies XFINITY digital services made up of Internet,. Check for outages Common Solution Make sure that your cables are tightly connected to your device and your wall outlet Cable and internet connections can become loose over time and cause issues with your service. Your company really sucks , @hulu_support need help with Xfinity subscription account login. Its back! The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Navigate the Outage Map MLB network that we are forced to have with Xfinity could have shown the game. Try visiting the following official links: Hello, please send us a DM with your full name and address, we will be happy to help. - Christine. It is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue and the largest pay-TV company, the largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States, and the nation's third-largest home telephone service provider. 1h User reports indicate Crunchyroll is having problems since 5:20 AM EST. Negative, as yet. PiunikaWeb started as purely an investigative tech journalism website with main focus on breaking or exclusive news. Markus Saelzer 3 years ago. Internet connections are available through ADSL or BT Infinity branded fibre technology. Tired of wifi and tv going out everyday. Try visiting the following official links: Hi Jordan, have you been able to get the app to work for you? Comcast Business is here to provide outage information for your Comcast Business Internet, TV, Voice, and other services. Theres yet to come an official confirmation regaring the problem today. The company still hasn't acknowledged any widespread outage. Ah my usual (almost daily) Comcast Internet outage. Leave a message in the comments section! @Xfinity Are you training your so called customer service agents to provide unacceptable service and d by an escalation request? I have told you that I am bedridden from a very bad accident. Internet service out all night. This is getting ridiculous at this point its becoming a weekly/biweekly thing. Original story (published on March 16, 2021) follows: Just in case youre trying to get your head around why Xfinity services arent working for you, find solace in the fact that you arent the only one facing issues lately. @mehgcap Xfinity Mobile has millions of wi-Fi hotspots so my iPhone automatically connects to them and downloads overcast podcasts just by walking down the street. Find out what is going on. @bt_uk is your Wi-Fi services down lately? Are you also affected? Fill out an online form to cancel Then they send a bot call to "confirm" that makes you sit on hold for 20 minutes. Criterion Digital 2023. Aka no internet all night long. Modem completely out now and you say earliest appointment to look is Saturday. Xfinity hasnt confirmed or denied the outage yet. source. HELP PLEASE! Why would you put your customers through this? Makes online meetings difficult to handle and interrupts streaming accounts all the time. Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher than the typical volume for that time of day. @comcastcares Well xfinity in an outage guess its bed time (Source), Once again, Xfinity is having large nationwide outages. I just talked to the nicest customer service rep @Xfinity she was from Alabama worried about snow. 11:48 am (IST): While the widespread outage affecting internet services and the streaming app has been resolved. Criterion Digital 2023. Outage reports and issues in the past 15 days originated from: Tips? No compensationjust Sorry With the huge bill we pay, we demand better. #cuttingthecord. Anyone else having problems uploading on Comcast/Xfinity Internet tonight? @RobergMartin41 Or maybe he's just pointing out that she's bad and doesn't deserve to step up to xfinity yet? Outages were reported in Milwaukee, Detroit, New York, New Jersey and Boston and other areas. Going by the latest information coming from services like Down Detector, it appears that Comcast is also having an outage in some regions as of now. Leave a message in the comments section! Comcast/Xfinity is down again and users are experiencing internet issues. What is the phone number to reach a US Citizen within the United States for Comcast/Xfinity tech support?An actual Comcast employee within the USA!! How is your service doing now? How do I find out if internet is down in my area? I been followed every day for twelve yrs, but I never noticed any vehicles, except for police/ fire vehicles and Comcast vehicles early on. Im paying 80 dollars a month for internet alone and my speed has rapidly decreased. 01:05 pm (IST): Earlier today, many users stormed Twitter and Downdetector to report that Xfinity was down and not working. @harrisonfinberg @kvbker Thats the same issue as you just complained about. The following are the most recent problems reported by Comcast Xfinity users through our website. All of us here on the Digital Care team are real life humans! 09:18 am (IST): Multiple recent reports (1, 2, 3, 4) indicate that Xfinity internet as well as streaming services are currently down for many users. The most recent Comcast Xfinity outage reports came from the following cities: Comcast/xfinity down in Oakland/emeryville ? Comcast Xfinity is the largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States. @Xfinity what is wrong with your company, do I have to call every month to get a credit on my account I am being charged for three lines I only have two. Mad as hell!! @comcast Why don't you help the YMCA in Gadsden, Alabama? Comcast Outage Map Comcast is an American telecommunications company. Having problems? 06:28 pm (IST): The recent outage with Xfinity appears to have been resolved as we havent come across any fresh reports on Twitter. Comcast Xfinity is the largest cable TV company and largest home Internet service provider in the United States. Why in the hell do you need a daily update that takes 10+ minutes bro. @Xfinity Ive already spent over 45 minutes chatting and talking to three different support specialists who could do nothing about the fact that you billed me for unused services rather than prorating my current bill. Its everyone class action coming soon.. trust. How to claim comp? However, things appear to have stabilized now. Search accounts based on account number, or chat online. Dont let them fool you @RCNconnects is just as bad as @Xfinity. 08:55 am (IST): Many frustrated Xfinity users have taken to Twitter to report that their internet, as well as TV, isnt working. The company still hasnt acknowledged any widespread outage. Its just at a different station. Can you please DM me with your account number, your full name and the full name on the account (if different) and complete address so I can assist you? But the issues appeared to be more widespread, too. True ******* story #menaretheworst, @Xfinity has the worse customer service in the world @XfinitySupport #CustomerService . @eileen548 @MaskedSingerFOX @FOXTV Well rain delay is not the viewers problem. In no time, our stories got picked up by the likes of Forbes, Foxnews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, Macrumors, and many others. I pay for the best internet and its so bad. Share them here. Not Working For Me! Some unused Wi-Fi extenders being removed helped a little too. An outage is declared when the number of reports exceeds the baseline, represented by the red line. 02:10 pm (IST): Downdetector conveys Xfinity is encountering an outage right now. All rights reserved. BT Mobile operates as a MVNO using the EE network. (Source). But it was the Xfinity cameras that got me usable again. Visit the Xfinity website or the Xfinity My Account mobile app to see if Xfinity has an internet outage in your area. {{#query}}Nothing found for query "{{query}}"{{/query}}. - Brittany, Hi, I am glad you reached out. If you are experiencing problems with Comcast Xfinity, please submit a report below. "Good.March 2 (Reuters . New updates are being added at the bottom of this story. Im not wasting any more of my time with XFinity today. Frustrations? However, things seemed to have stabilized now and the service has returned to normal according to reports. Reports indicate the system was down, or at least unsteady, in areas stretching from Chicago to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and South Carolina. 66 And, due to my extreme pay cut because of COVID, a $100 fee would be a significant financial hardship. My shows buffer. The customer service is so poor. I cant get a issue resolved. The most frequently affected cities were: San Jose, Detroit, Orlando, Miami, Portland Reported outages on 26.02.2023: There were a total of 10 outages at Xfinity. Xfinity hasnt acknowledged any outage yet. We also track issues socially for all Comcast services with the aid of Twitter, and the outage map is created with realtime Google Maps data. Tips? Find out what is going on. Comcast Corporation (formerly registered as Comcast Holdings) is an American telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code. Internet went down here and their phone lines aren't working, with it being 2020 my first guess is end of the world. Comcast is an American telecommunications company that offers cable television, internet, telephone and wireless services to consumer under the Xfinity brand. Comcast down detector map - Find outage information for Xfinity Internet, TV, & phone services in your area. We cant give a credit yet until everything is back up and running. It is the largest provider of cable broadband in the U.S. by coverage area. PiunikaWeb.com is owned and operated by DeepSeaGem Technologies India. @Xfinity @comcast your customer login website seems to be down all morning. We have addressed the issue and service is now restoring for impacted customers, as we continue to investigate the root cause. Jun 3, 2020. I am happy to help. Sixers moving there takes away revenue from Comcast though so they might be more likely to sell. (Source), @Xfinity seriously? Critics also point out a lack of competition in the vast majority of Comcast's service area; there is limited competition among cable providers. I can't work. Taking a look at our Comcast outage map reveals where theres current problems with the companies XFINITY digital services made up of Internet, cable TV, and home phone across the United States. Frustrations? Leave a message in the comments section! what is going on with you guys?! The Down detector also confirms the outage. Many Comcast Xfinity subscribers across the country woke up without access to their usual services on Tuesday morning. Awful , BT with the worst broadcast from presenters, commentators and broadcast itself (sound and video) woeful! This heat map shows where user-submitted problem reports are concentrated over the past 24 hours. The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (WMF, or simply Wikimedia) is an American non-profit and charitable organization headquartered in San Francisco, California. Check Current Status. Mine has been down since last night. Leave it to @xfinity to f*ck up a simple process. Do not give your hard earned money to Comcast. . All website pages mostly stalling. I dont understand why I should pay for something that @Xfinity is responsible for b/c the equipment is insufficient. (Source). (Source), xfinity went down before I could spend my resin tonight @comcast please i need to do my dailies (Source). It is common for some problems to be reported throughout the day. I am happy to help. Share them here. Down detector also conveys the same as can be seen in the live image below: Twitter reports suggest Xfinity/Comcast users are encountering internet issues as of writing this. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user.