Hes something of an anomaly in American politicsbecausehes one of the most honest politicians on the scene, not just today but going back decades. This meeting marked the midpoint of a roughly Because we require comments under articles to be on topic, we found that readers who want to speak to other important issues, events and concerns that our small crew cant cover dont have a place for that. Scott and his family have moved to Texas. The fledgling non-profit group of volunteers (We rejoin Ravyn, who asked to share her journey with us. Instead of building careers and Once the leading marijuana store in Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton's Sea Change Cannabis is now barely out of last place Brotherton is running for Jefferson County Commissioner on his record as a successful entrepreneur. Neither team shot the ball well, with Sequim going 14 for 54 and White River 14 of 53. Happy Fourth Birthday, Cherry Street Project! On April 5, 2021, Rachelle Merle, one of the Co-op's member-owners, refused to wear a mask while shopping in the store. Or that people we have invested with positions of power Monday, August 15. Someone left the cake out in the rain. Media. There are also some prepared food venders with amazing products. Lets start with similarities. "It is clear that what is occurring now is a financial disaster," says Bert Loomis of Bayside Housing has not yet committed to taking on the failed Cherry Street Project. Thank you! Washington State Patrol said law enforcement received reports of a hit-and-run in Jefferson County on Monday involving a Lexus SUV vehicle. Do Black Lives Matter When It Comes To Green Cars? Eden Gebru pleaded guilty to the charge of false claims or proof on Feb. 23 in King County Superior Court. By Julia Dallas, KIRO 7 News February 08, 2023 at 12:23 pm PST Port Townsend A coyote wandered into Jefferson Healthcare Center Tuesday morning, according to a report from the Jefferson County . Limited in-person viewing is available on the fellowship's large-screen TV. The owners are now offering a $5,000 reward that leads to the arrest of the suspects involved. Funerals of more than 30 attendees, regardless of where they are held, inside or out, are prohibited. As voters, are we complicit to a crime if a candidate has become compromised beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet we continue to support his campaign in an effort to secure his ascension to higher office? In total, 323 stories have been published about Port Angeles which Ground News has aggregated in the past 3 months. Our Board of County Commissioners declared an Affordable Housing Emergency three years ago. PORT TOWNSEND, WA, (July 05, 2021) - Stanley L. Cummings, age 76, of Port Townsend, was seriously injured Monday morning when he was struck by a flatbed trailer on State Highway 20. More than 1,900 student-athletes , The 32nd year of sailboat racing throughout the salty blue sea and snow-capped mountain backdrop of Port Townsend Bay is returning soon, with local mariners tuning their rigs, loading their gear, and , With three East Jefferson Rivals wrestlers finishing in the top three of their weight divisions at Regionals, Jameson Henery, Mi Amada Lanphear Ramirez, and Devon Bennett-Anderson are headed for the , The East Jefferson Rivals varsity boys basketball team was eliminated from the first round of the Nisqually League playoffs after losing to Vashon Island High School 57-43 on Saturday. In-person viewing is available on the fellowship's large-screen TV. Lets play a little good news/bad news and find out what they have been up Jefferson County will be alone in its own private State of Emergency if commissioners approve its 13th temporary Covid-19 response policy emergency declaration at their October 24 board meeting. In our legal system, unless a court finds reversible error or there is a gross miscarriage of justice, that verdict should be accepted. The City of Port Townsend did something good. Below are selected reports. City Fortunately COVID-19 has not killed anyone in Jefferson County, but addiction sure has. Suicide and substance abuse touch all our lives. McEntire is well-known by A Concerened Citizen of Port Townsend | Jul 15, 2020. Knowing the Homeless: The Individuals on Port Townsends Streets, Gun Control Emerges as Issue in Jeffco Commissioner Race, Tweek Watch Olympic Peninsula: Facebook Crime Fighters, Greg Brothertons Sea Change Cannabis: Our Complaint to the Liquor and Cannabis Board, Teen Marijuana Use in Jefferson County: A Growing Problem Needing An Aggressive County Commission, Republican Jodi Wilke Wins Union Endorsement; Judges, Lawyers Score Haas Low on Integrity, Competence and Leadership, Setting the Guilty Free; The Conclusion of Dumping a Rape Case and Its Victim; State of Washington v. Patrick J. McAllister, Alone and Unprotected; Dumping a Rape Case and Its Victim Part 3; State of Washington v. Patrick J. McAllister, The Questions Michael Haas Wont Answer; State of Washington v. Patrick J. McAllister, Dumping a Rape Case, and Its Victim Part 2; State of Washington v. Patrick J. McAllister, Answering Criticism About Brinnon Group Column, From Russia With LoveAnd Respect For The Law, Dumping a Rape Case, and Its Victim; State of Washington v. Patrick J. McAllister, Now Showing Desperation Over Pleasant Harbor, Discovery 4-H Project Saves Bees: Look for Kids with Cameras at Jefferson County Fair, District 3 Commissioner Race: Greg Brotherton on the Issues, District 3 Commisioner Race: Ryan McAllister on the Issues, DISTRICT 3 COMMISSIONER RACE: JON COOKE ON THE ISSUES, DISTRICT 3 COMMISSIONER RACE: CRAIG DURGAN ON THE ISSUES, Pressure Mounts for Action on Hadlock Sewer, A SPECIAL INDEPENDENCE DAY FOR PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS. Grrrrrr. Theres no experience quite like the Mat Classic at the Tacoma Dome. Man . Closes in 48 min: See all hours. Every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. the group assembles on Lincoln Street, Port Angeles, by the courthouse to protest Governor Inslee's "Stay at Home" order. That's how we protect ourselves, our neighbors and BERRY on pharma fraud during vaccine trials: "[I have been] asked if there have been any valid concerns raised about Pfizer clinical trials, about poor design or data falsification And the answer is no, actually." We made some mistakes. A man screams for help. That's according to Christina Nelson, property manager for Townsend Bay Property Management, Inc., which manages over 175 rental properties--"doors"--in A Jefferson County woman in her mid-60s tragically died in Seattle "after a prolonged hospitalization for respiratory failure due to COVID pneumonia" contracted out-of-state the week following her second experimental gene therapy ("vaccine") shot. Both Sides Now: Who Bears Responsibility for YMCA Protest Fallout? Some of the people wearing them are proclaiming that maskless people are ignorant at best, and Killing People! at worst. Multiple crimes spanning from Jefferson to Pierce County have landed a 31-year-old Poulsbo man in jail. Marijuana use by teens, medical experts agree, damages brain development and can A little campaign news. The photograph accompanied an email to the Port Townsend City We invite you to participate in a new feature! I am very worried the county is getting set to undermine everything weve hoped for and the financial commitment were ready to make to build the sewer. The clouds were spitting rain and the wind cut like a knife. We're Matt and Alysha, the creators of this site dedicated to sharing the best of the West Coast. This seems to be a sad reality. In April of 2020, a professor of medicine at Stanford University led a study to determine what percentage of the population had actually been exposed to COVID 19. ", followed by "Don't Shoot!" And I look forward to meeting the future musical legends that are currently practicing their instruments, booking their first gigs, writing their first songs or perhaps havent even started yet. It is time to close out this endeavor. We get it. Reading The Leader's cutesy police blotter feature you wouldn't know it. We received this press release from Windward School, one of the excellent enrichment programs run privately in Jefferson County for children and families wanting more than our public schools offer. Or wax Joey Dee miniatures are being cast into coal fires. The rains have begun. He promotes the expanded use of marijuana through his website and movies he has written and produced. The Port Townsend City Council has unanimously , received a total of 161 calls between Friday, Feb. 17, and Thursday, Feb. 23. More discussion of plastic bags and Earth Day than doing anything to alleviate the economic crisis already devastating our community, destroying lives and sowing despair and anger. Weve spent a bunch of energy putting together public spaces where people can take take-out food and sit next to the water. Port Townsend police generated over 250 pages of reports on calls to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds from March through October 2020. Republican challenger Jodi Wilke has snagged a union endorsement in her David vs. Goliath race against incumbent Mike Chapman, who represents Jefferson County in the State House of Representatives. -. Box 1180, Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-385-0656 info@portofpt.com Get Port News Delivered in Your Inbox For an old school, hole-in-the-wall experience, there's no place in Port Townsend quite like it. It is my strong belief that something else altogether is going on here. Toby Rogers Pride" messaging began as A Port Angeles man claims he and his wife were banned from the Port Angeles YMCA because he objected to the sharing of child porn in the weight room and young men sexually harassing women and girls. Call our circulation department at 360-385-2900, or email our support. , I love to prune my roses you can forget everything else while youre doing it. Julie Andrews, , I suspect you may have already realized that the world is actually a little silly much of the time. In Jefferson County all progress Rights not asserted are rights lost. He was testing for seroprevalence, or evidence of COVID antibodies in a persons blood. Life in an always damp tent or unheated RV. Monday,we publishedCraig Durgans answers. On their way police listen to an open line, a second call originating from inside the park. The secondary station when WWG24 down is KHB60 on the frequency 162.550 MHz. Photos by Kara Kellog A sweet spot on SR 19 is bringing smiles to Jefferson County. Join us at Vintage by Port Townsend Vineyards where we , Panel discussion: Growing, Harvesting, and Arranging Amazing Local Flowers EVERETT, Wash. The missing persons case-turned-homicide of Kathy Dobson, also known by her maiden name Kathy Dawson, rocked Snohomish County 32 years ago. You can read the discussion with the other candidates,Craig Durgan,Jon We put the same questions to all four candidates in the race to replace Kathleen Kler as the Jefferson County District 3 Commissioner. News about Port Angeles Stay current with all the latest and breaking news about Port Angeles, compare headlines and perspectives between news sources on stories happening today. . Take out a newspaper ad to proclaim your guilt, demanded Black Lives Matter of Jefferson County of the Sheriff and Port Townsend Police Chief. The youth photographers in the Discovery 4-H Club photo project will help Save the Bees for this years fair theme. The service will also stream on Zoom. Home War of the Worms: Destructive Wrigglers Invade Discovery Bay Garden by Bonnie Broders | February 16, 2023 | General | 25 Comments They have declared "systemic racism" a public health emergency. Homeowners don't have cash to pay higher property taxes. 901 Water St. Because common Covid tests do not Get Out of Clallam and Jefferson Counties if you're worried about OMG! A 50-year-old Port Townsend man was arrested for first-degree assault as police continued to investigate the stabbing of a 42-year-old woman in a mobile home Sunday morning. The public has a right to know whether they can trust the COVID test results being used to destroy businesses and jobs, to curtail educational, community and religious activities and to exacerbate many of our already serious social ills, including substance abuse, Several months ago Stephen Schumacher wrote to Dr. Thomas Locke, Jefferson County's Health Officer, regarding questions and concerns he had about protocols being used in tests for COVID-19. Below are selected reports. At 12:55 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 11, a construction. Cameron Michael Dean of Port Townsend, WA died unexpectedly on Feb 2, 2023. Mayor David Faber said that about the Cherry Street Project at a December city council meeting. Open in Google Maps 2501 Washington St, Port Townsend, WA 98368 (360) 385-6312 Visit Website. But his judgment and maturity are now being called into question. Home | Peninsula Daily News Restoration planting season underway along Tarboo Creek Volunteers needed for upcoming events 3 hours ago Swimming cougars cast new light on cat movement 3 hours ago Paintings, photography, wood relief on view during Port Townsend art walk 3 hours ago Sequim Sunshine Festival celebrates 'Blue Hole' 1 day ago The strange object seemingly appeared overnight at the intersection of West Sims Way and Kearney Street. The Rangers first fell to Pope , Quilcene couldnt find its range as the team lost to Pope John Paul II in girls varsity basketball. Otherwise, click here to view your options for subscribing. DuMond knew the man who injured him. Chapman Funded Almost Completely by Lobbyists, PACs From Outside District, Latest Cherry Street Giveaway Hits Taxpayers Harder, PTHS Principal Tells City Council to Keep Police in Her School, Black Lives Matter Sought to Humiliate Sheriff, Police Chief, CDC Releases COVID Survival Rates and Its Very Good News, Port Townsends Hatred and Intolerance Problem, Growing Up in a Rainbow Neighborhood Taught Me The Antidote to Systemic Racism, Lines Form in Battle for Future of Fairgrounds, Life and the Future in Port Townsend for a Family with a Non-Essential BusinessPart II, Massive Back the Blue Rally in Port Townsend, Black Lives Matter Leaders Generated Police Calls for Help, Investigation and Arrests, A Tale of Three Cities: Poulsbo, Sequim and Port Townsend, Black Lives Matter Organizer Harassed Hispanic Man Because His Skin Color Wasnt Dark Enough, Officer Chauvin, I Am So Sorry For Believing That You Murdered George Floyd, Bumping Along Port Townsends Busted Up Streets, The Real Epidemic in Port Townsend: Addiction, Heartbroken Law Enforcement Officer Speaks to Port Townsend and Jefferson County, Land Regulations Holding Back Jobs, Affordable Housing, Anti-Police Black Lives Matter Requested Police Escort and Received Preferential Treatment, Outside Money Weighed Heavily on District 2 Commission Race, Jefferson County Invites Texans to Vote in Local Election and the Wall Street Journal Has the Story, Port Townsends Welcoming City Hurts Blacks: Systemic Racism #3, City Council Threatens Port Townsends Public Safety. The study revealed that 353 counties across the $100 million, that is the amount of the claims by Joe D'Amico and two of his companies against Jefferson County and former Sheriff David Stanko. He is also far outpacing his Republican opponent in his fight to retain his seat representing the 24th District. You may not know that the Free Press website mysteriously crashed on Thursday, March 17th. Some people are not doing so well handling the pandemic. And then one day we wake up and wonder, "Where did America go?" If you'd like to post an event to our calendar, you can create a free account by clicking here. The other day in Port Townsend as the Black Lives Matter march passed through Uptown. We are fortunate to have this program thriving here. Northwest Man. Port Townsend Furniture Clinic (Tom Powell) 360-385-6585. Jill & Kevin , Explore, learn, and create something new each month at the Librarys crafting , The Aurora Gallery, in the Port Townsend business park off Sims Way, is opening a , You are in for a real treat! Three months have passed in my efforts to make a change locally. That was my first observation at the April 19, 2020, rally on the Capitol steps in Olympia. That's according to a study conducted by Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C. watchdog group known for suing states with dodgy voter rolls. They called those elections, too. Pregnancy radically changed Ravyn, a "horrible person" Jefferson County Commissioner-elect Greg Brotherton said Thursday, our codes are standing in the way, of economic growth and promised regulatory reform by reducing the size of the countys Unified Development Code (UDC) upon taking his seat on the Board of County We are always delighted to share news from Port Townsend's NW Discovery Lab. With recent news that the crucial overpass will close down for four weekends this summer, local , The Port Townsend City Council unanimously approved a resolution declaring Port Townsend to be a human rights city. When officials urge the public to follow the science, one would think that the appropriate data would be supplied. The photo above shows the skeletal remains of a streatery tent in front of Alchemy Steak & Seafood (aka Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar), where according to their website A New Culinary Adventure Begins." According to the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Tacoma, a semitruck crashed into a barrier on the bridge at 3:12 p.m. on Friday. Port Townsend's most ambitious, costliest "affordable" housing project. Regrettably, this is far from the case in Jefferson County. Political players at the City of Port Townsend have made no secret of their desire to eliminate vehicular traffic in the citys primary business districts in favor of a more walkable, bike-able, maybe even pedestrian-only commercial hub. Below are selected reports. The motorhome appeared to be a late-model tan-and-white camper van, with its top covered by moss. The Board of Health needs to look in the mirror. The Rev. As of October 14, only 18 people statewide with COVID-like symptoms were on ventilators. The odd apparatus appeared to be , Chris Kauffman ofPort Townsend strings lights around a tree outside the offices of The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader on Adams Street as part of a city-funded decoration effort. Historic Fire Bell Tower 2 Points of Interest & Landmarks Lookouts By PrestonH70 Crews with Global Diving & Salvage use an excavator to dismantle Pacific Sunrise, a 78-foot fishing vessel in the work yard at the Port of Port Townsends Boat Haven. It looks like maybe the city is somewhat taking care of its largest, most Last November, a group of concerned parents of Port Townsend School District (PTSD) students garnered nearly 600 signatures on apetitiondemanding that there be no Covid-19 vax mandates for school attendance. We encouraged readers not to rule out this young couple just because of the hopelessness and despair described in Ravyn's First and Elected officials in Jefferson County, along with all county employees, will no longer swear an oath to support the laws of the United States, according to a recent modification of the oath of office. Washington State Patrol said the highway. I WRITE THIS on Ash Wednesday of this year the most somber day of the Christian church year: the day we face not only our sins, but the very fact of our death. The motorhome described as police as the location of the stabbing was parked in a driveway to a manufactured home. Obituaries about previously healthy residents who died following their jabs never mention After declaring a housing emergency in Jefferson County, public officials have now taken action to make the situation worse. To get to them we had to drive through Phase 2 counties and some still in a variation of Phase 1. The Cherry Street Project is in more trouble than city and non-profit leaders are letting on. Teaser: it involves [Editor's Note: Welcome new contributor Brett Nunn, a long-time Port Townsend resident, father and published author. Anglin said the man was seen striking and pushing the woman. That is what Port Townsend is becoming. Even after revelations We have a housing crisis. While we were enjoying the fine weather, our federal and state governments have continued with their plans to protect us from Covid. Coyote gets loose in Port Townsend hospital A coyote wandered into Jefferson Healthcare Center Tuesday morning, according to a report from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. Senior women linking arms to protect a rape survivor trying to speak. By anyones assessment, traditional electromechanical [analog] meters are an amazing piece of engineering work. Omicron! The people of District 3 in Jefferson County have been disenfranchised from the Board of County Commissioners for some time now. Port Townsend Washington is a beautiful town in the Olympic Peninsula with an abundance of Victorian era architecture, making it a picturesque town and perfect for enjoying outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and water sports. This broadcastify station will mainly broadcast NOAA Weather Radio WWG24 on the frequency 162.425 MHz. She was 92 years young! On Monday night, the Port Townsend City Council and Mayor David Faber delivered a message loud and clear: transphobia is not welcome in Port Townsend. | Letter to the editor, People should askquestions, get answers | Letter to the editor, There are more pressing needs in Port Townsend | Letter to the editor, Student signs follow goals and standards | Letter to the editor, State must address long-term care crisis | Letter to the editor, Blue Heron grapplers open wrestling season in Port Angeles, Varsity boys basketball: East Jefferson vs. Bellevue Christian High School | Photo We had like three panels total damaged, they like pushed in the wall, said Savahanna Korvales, manager at Danks Wonder Emporium. He has been working with a team of Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer, raped, tortured and murdered over 48 women. But Tharinger ridicules. The streatery pictured above is in the lot off Tyler Street, behind the Mount Baker Block building. Our first report is here: Part 1. Almost every window has been broken. Resident Stanley Cummings was critically injured and flown to Seattle after he was struck by a flatbed trailer Monday Morning on State Highway 20. The coyote was first spotted by Amy Yaley, the hospital's marketing and communications director, around 10:15 a.m. Sure, he didnt get a carbon tax to hold up as an example of the sacrifice his state was willing to make. In early October 2021 the Leader reported that the Lombardy poplars along Sims Way were to be cut down. We will face no inconvenience other than more rain. The location was Irondale Road at the bottom of a driveway, close to where 7th Street turns off. Port of Port Townsend updated on Short's Farm, jetty construction Acquisition depends on securing $1 million from state Legislature Feb 27, 2023 By Paula Hunt Peninsula Daily News News Jefferson County Ports Photo Racing season opens A financial checkup, or a financial review, is an in-depth look at . Baker are pretty incredible. Threatening her. The photograph for this story We are not putting our survival in danger. The specter of totalitarianism has revived the Port Townsend Free Press. Founded in 1987, Sound Publishing, Inc. is the largest community news organization in Washington State with dailies and community news outlets in Washington and Alaska.