Erica founded Clean Plate Pictures almost a decade ago, leaving a Photo Editor role at The Wall Street Journal to photograph happy couples full-time (weddings are way more fun!) Erica has a degree in Visual Arts from SUNY New Paltz and has worked in the industry for almost 20 years. She brings exacting editorial standards and creative excellence to all her work. A New Yorker born and bred, Erica is now based in the beautiful Hudson Valley but loves working in the city and enjoying the best of both worlds. To view Erica’s work check out her portfolio.


Tanya has been an integral part of the Clean Plate team for almost four years! After discovering a passion for photography while in school on the west coast, she came to New York to work with studio photographers and found her calling as a wedding photographer. Tanya loves the subtle, emotional moments; the giggles, tears, knowing looks and shared smiles. She brings a sharp eye and unobtrusive shooting style to capture all the moments of your wedding day. To view Tanya’s work check out her portfolio.


Elle fell in love with photography while studying art history in college. She began as an assistant and, having trained and worked alongside Erica and Tanya, is starting to shoot her own weddings for Clean Plate Pictures. Elle loves helping record the energy of weddings – the unabashed, unfiltered love and laughter of the big day. She’s always ready to grab reaction shots of your friends as you exchange vows or snapping away while your family throws shapes on the dancefloor. To view Elle’s work check out her portfolio.