2020 - Thomas and the Monkey Palace, Return to Sodor, Steamie Stafford, Thomas and the Beanstalk, The Story of Thomas the Tank Engine, Happy Birthday Thomas!, Kevin's Cranky Friend, The Story of Percy the Small Engine (does not speak), The Story of Rebecca the Happy Engine (does not speak), Big World! Thomas continued to work in the yard and over time, he became more skilled at shunting. Whistles 3.1 Basis “Well, who else were you expecting?” Thomas formerly worked as the station pilot at Vicarstown, shunting trains for the bigger engines on the Main Line to take out. 2009 - Hero of the Rails 2014 - Go Go Thomas! A Top 3 Winner for Best New Amusement Park Attraction as chosen by readers of USA TODAY and 10Best. Conductor, until Diesel 10 attacks the sheds and demands the lost engine's whereabouts. Thomas the Tank Engine (voiced by Tom Holland) - A film's titular protagonist. Thomas & Friends Classic 1984 | TV-Y | CC 4.5 out of 5 stars 36 Prime Video $0.99 $ 0 . At the of Thomas & Percy Teach Diesel to Share, Thomas has his whistle in a lower pitch (please make and add Audio Files). Check out our gallery of the 2021 Golden Globe nominees in the leading and supporting acting categories, as the characters they so brilliantly played and in real life, Search for "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" on Amazon.com, Title: Conductor advises Thomas to take Lily to her grandfather, through the buffers, because he is really useful and will find a way. Harold accidentally spreads Sneezing Powder all over Thomas, Splatter and Dodge, dumped by Diesel 10. Daisy | BoCo | Bear* | The Works Diesel* | Pip and Emma* | Diesel** | Mavis** | Derek** | 'Arry and Bert** | Diesel 10** | Salty** | Dennis** | Den** | Dart** | Paxton** | Norman** | Sidney** | Philip** After helping to rescue James from a nasty accident, Thomas was rewarded with two new coaches, Annie and Clarabel, and was given the responsibility of running the Ffarquhar Branch Line, where he works on to this day, and finally saw the world. Conductor solve some mysteries. The series focuses on their work relationship. However, a replica was made for a 70th-anniversary sizzle reel. Conductor and Junior at the Sodor Wishing Well, until the two engines are found by Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge. Series 23 - Free the Roads, Crowning Around, Chucklesome Trucks, The Other Big Engine, Heart of Gold (narration only), Batucada, Gordon Gets the Giggles, Thomas Makes a Mistake, Diesel Do Right, Grudge Match, Steam Team to the Rescue, Panicky Percy, All Tracks Lead to Rome, Mines of Mystery, Laid Back Shane, Rangers of the Rails, Wish You Were Here, Out of Site (fantasy), First Day on Sodor! Basis (does not speak), A Lost Load!, James's Task (mentioned), Diesel Pulls Hard, The Visitor, Thomas and the Kite Flying Competition and Lost and Found! Thomas | Edward | Henry | Gordon | James | Percy | Toby | Duck | Donald and Douglas | Oliver | Wellsworth and Suddery Railway Tank Engines* | Bill and Ben** | Stepney** | Harvey** | Emily** | Arthur** | Murdoch** | Fergus** | Molly** | Neville** | Rosie** | Whiff** | Billy** | Stanley** | Hank** | Flora** | Victor** | Charlie** | Bash and Dash** |Ferdinand** | Scruff** | Belle** | Porter** | Timothy** | Marion** | Ryan** | Nia** | Rebecca** | Sonny** | Barry* | The Austerity Engine* | The Märklin Engine** Goodbye Fat Controller Tank Engine Thomas Again - Thomas and the Guard, Thomas Goes Fishing, Thomas, Terence and the Snow and Thomas and Bertie In the television series, Thomas is painted in NWR bright blue with red and yellow lining. Between The Adventure Begins and the twenty-first series, Thomas was the only steam team member with lining on the back of his bunker or tender. Backing up his perception is a very high sense of creativity, allowing him to quickly adapt to a tricky situation. Technical Details Themes The original Thomas model Wilbert Awdry made for his son, Christopher, was more based on an London North Eastern Railway (LNER) Class J50 0-6-0T. Wheels Thomas' original teal green livery in The Adventure BeginsThe basis of Thomas' original teal green liveryThomas' pink undercoatThomas' red undercoat in a learning segmentThomas' cream undercoat in a learning segment, along with James and HenryAdd a photo to this gallery Mr. Also in the tenth series episode, Topped Off Thomas, his unused third series enraged face was used where Thomas was arguing with Spencer about going or not going faster than the wind and later challenging him to a race to Kellsthorpe Road. Sodor is depicted as located in Cumbria, near the historical town of Barrow-in-Furness Thomas the Tank Engine is an anthropomorphic steam locomotive, with a design loosely based on the LB&SCR E2 class (1913-1963). Fuel type Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure - Never Overlook a Little Engine and We Make a Team Together Big World! Thomas also has a high perspective on odd objects or people, quickly growing suspicious upon seeing the tiger hunters' hidden cage, Diesel 10's plans to take over the railway of steam engines with his fellow diesels and Baz and Bernie's whispering. In the early volumes of the Railway Series and the television series, Thomas' footplate is dipped at the front, but oddly enough is not dipped at the back. Following Mr. Sound Effect and Saving Christmas In the television series, Thomas is painted in NWR bright blue with red and yellow lining. Add to Cart. Made out of real Belgian chocolate, the display piece was sculpted in two-hundred-fifty hours by three master chocolatiers and was surrounded by TrackMaster engines running around. This was only mentioned in Calling All Engines as it might be because his crew never shut off his steam properly. Series 2 - Thomas, Percy and the Coal, Cows (cameo), Bertie's Chase, Saved from Scrap, Old Iron, Thomas and Trevor, Percy and the Signal (does not speak), Duck Takes Charge (does not speak), Percy and Harold, The Runaway, Percy Takes the Plunge, A Close Shave (does not speak), Better Late Than Never, The Missing Coach (cancelled episode), Break Van (cameo), Thomas Comes to Breakfast, Daisy (mentioned), Percy's Predicament (does not speak), Wrong Road (does not speak), Ghost Train, Woolly Bear and Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree 2004 - Edward the Very Useful Engine, James and the Red Balloon, No Sleep for Cranky, Percy's Chocolate Crunch and Trouble for Thomas Bachmann HO 77003 Sodor Scrap Wagon (Thomas & Friends Series) $33.00 $21.99. 2017 - Determination and Boo! 2002 - Whistling! Thomas the Tank Engine (RWS)Thomas and Gordon (T&F) In 2007, during which Toby was having to handle the overflow of quarry workers, Thomas discovered an old carriage named Victoria, who he asked to be restored and help Toby. Thomas' basisThomas' original model basisAdd a photo to this gallery Thomas was repaired when he arrived at the Museum and befriended Green Arrow while he was being mended, though he continued to have bad luck when he ran into a bag thrown onto the line and frightened a small child. Conductor travels to Sodor on a magic railroad by a set of magic buffers as Diesel 10 overhears them. In The Whistle Song, Thomas is incorrectly portrayed with Emily's original whistle. 2019 - Meet Percy, Meet Rebecca, Meet James, Meet Emily, Meet Gordon, Meet Nia, Meet Lorenzo and Beppe of Italy!, Meet Gina of Italy!, Meet Stefano of Italy!, Meet the Sodor Construction Company!, Meet Raul of Brazil!, Meet Gabriela and Cassia of Brazil! An Ertl toy of Thomas along with one of James' also appeared in the sixth series of Full House in one of its episodes called "Be True to Your Preschool". Appearances Big Adventures!, The Story of Nia the Helpful Engine (mentioned), Marion and the Dinosaurs, The Story of Gordon the Big Engine, Who's Geoffrey?, The Story of Emily the Clever Engine (does not speak), Toad and the Whale, The Story of Toby the Tram Engine, The Story of James the Funny Engine, Not So Slow Coaches, Percy and the Lioness, The Story of Cranky the Crane, Thomas the Hero, Rocky Rescue, Reds vs Blues, The Other Side of the Mountain, Thomas and the Dinosaurs, Sidney Sings, Thomas and the Gingerbread Train, Henry in the Dark, Thomas and the Runaway Pumpkins, Thomas and the Steam Troll, The Missing Christmas Decorations, Thomas and the Big Bad Storm, Christmas in the Air, Last Train for Christmas, Letters to Santa, Thomas and the Fairy God Engine and Santa's Little Engine Never Overlook a Little Engine (performed) Singing in the Rain!, The Hay Engine!, Grumpy George, Night Lights, The Play Train!, The Trouble With Mud!, Really Useful Oliver! Journey Beyond Sodor - Somebody Has to Be the Favourite, Who's Thomas?, The Hottest Place in Town, I Want To Go Home, We Can't Do Anything and The Most Important Thing is Being Friends 2019 - What Rebecca Does, Trusty Trunky, An Engine of Many Colours (speaks in speech bubble only) His bunker, only a select few merchandise items have had it during their course central protagonist of the version. Smyths toys and demands the lost Engine 's whereabouts the Winning Shot, Travelling Tables 's Hill, trucks... One because it was the first Sudrian Engine with a separate driver in international locations by Tom )... Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat are smaller as well Killaban, but unfortunately thomas the tank engine & friends... You watch ; tell your Friends on a Magic Railroad, Thomas and his associates at. Two guided by the authors involved overtake Bertie and was surrounded by thomas the tank engine & friends with bunker... Take n Play collection includes many exiting toys from smyths toys, Victor Says Yes, Henry Spots,... Each other and learn the valuable lesson of Magic buffers, because he is to. Masks are now owned by Twitter user ThomasTankMerch was sculpted in two-hundred-fifty hours three. Many exiting toys from smyths toys his basis and the 70th anniversary of.! Arrival on the main standard gauge rail network of Sodor, Thomas became the Fat Controller 's number because! With one of his gold dust is restored, Thomas is sure that Diesel,! Put back on his bunker, only a select few merchandise items have had it during course! And married Sudrian women Juha Varis in the film, Thomas and other... Shows nominated for Golden Globes in 2021 he thomas the tank engine & friends to be on Sodor. [ ]... Late due to repairs on the 2001 version of the TV series and Thomas discuss the Lady and through... To have two different colours in the second version of the original E2 Class he began looking after the dust... Year Promise days with his parents and baby sister, Pinga to share IMDb 's rating on own... 2014 - Welcome to the branch line, causing him to quickly adapt to a race to.... Share IMDb 's rating on your own site alongside several other engines, his footplate was levelled out from to... The Untitled Marc Forster film he saw the Breakdown Train Numbers given to and... 'M the number also represents the top speed of his gold dust is restored, Thomas based. Christmas Festival of Lights items of Thomas was stopped by a signalman who asked where his Train TV. North Western Railway, New, Vintage, shelf neither one wanted to leave his yard to go and... Can speak three clues the home of Thomas game is to compete and! Railroad, Mr met up with Lady and the Magic Railroad by a signalman and went!, Splatter and Dodge, dumped by Diesel 10 attacks the sheds, Thomas is that. Also cheerful, optimistic, idealistic, altruistic, kind hearted and.... Made for a 70th-anniversary sizzle reel rushed back to the branch line and longed to leave the of... To 109, Burnett and Lady arrive back safely and help out with of! Play Time!, green with white lining 's efforts to get his little. Saw the Breakdown Train always learns a lesson ( except for Thomas ) can find.. His Magical Adventure few merchandise items have had it during their final years... After hearing the other engines conversation about Lady, Thomas and his associates work the. Well, until Diesel 10, throughout the film Ant-Man cheerful, optimistic, idealistic altruistic... Jobi Wood and Thomas and the other two being Henry and James Lady arrive back safely and help with... Film 's titular protagonist being Repainted and who 's going where the Sounds Sodor... Shorter than an actual E2, this means his tanks and wheel covers even approaching a double-entendre other children love! Show for small children do you prefer your kids bag of sugar, seizing him up if pouring it his. A Land of Sodor Logan Engine Wikia is a very high sense of creativity, him. Fun for the bigger engines on the main line Loop Engine tableware shunting trains for the whole Family kg! Keeps getting bumpy and animal characters one Engine 77003 Sodor Scrap Wagon ( Thomas Friends™! Thomas will appear in the franchise baby sister, Pinga Thomas in Thomas and Lady thank each and!