172] Finally setting their plan into action in December 1864, they send Enishi to contact Tomoe and leave a note luring Kenshin to their "Binding Forest."[ch. He has holes in both hands from when Kenshin pierced them during the Bakumatsu, where he now inserts hilt-less swords to fight. 124] Kaoru and Misao defeat Kamatari in a two-on-one battle. Watsuki used ideas from assistants to create many of the Juppongatana and Kamatari was one he seized immediately, but when coming up with the specifics, the concept "just wasn't coming together." 87] Watsuki said that several of his assistants suggested ideas for the Juppongatana and that many of the characters grew out of these ideas. The Akabeko is destroyed by Kujiranami Hyōgo at the start of the Six Comrades' revenge against Kenshin, but it is re-opened at a temporary located soon after.[ch. 196] As a result, Yatsume's limbs are about 1.5 times as long as normal, with the notable exception of his left arm, which is twice as long and equipped with metal claws. Ōta is a "typical Watsuki image" of a weak child from a rural area who has cheeks with circle marks. "The Secret Life of Characters (9) Oniwabanshū ● Hyottoko,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. But felt that this alone did not give Tsunan "interesting" qualities, so he added the "fake artist" trait. As Kenshin and Sanosuke deal with Kanryū, Jin-e captures Kaoru and paralyzes her lungs to force Kenshin into a duel that ultimately leads to his own suicide. He is quite an immature kid, frequently trying to fight ... Okita was the same age as or even two years older than Saito. The silhouette version of Yatsume, seen before his full reveal, was modeled after the "bandana mask version" of Wolverine from X-Men and Carnage from Spider-Man. The thing that I liked about this manga was that there are several people and events in here (such as Saito Hajime, Katsura Kogoro, etc.) Watsuki describes Sanosuke's visual motif by referring to his design model, Lamp, the main … The Meiji government could not keep the promise and so used the Sekihō Army as scapegoats, denouncing them as a "false army."[ch. 41] Yutarō trains at Kamiya dojo a little and becomes Myōjin Yahiko's rival, the two gaining a mutual desire to become better than the other. The original plan was to have Usui fight Kenshin right after he fought Chō - chasing him down in the city in a manner similar to the Terminator; but the plot went in a different direction, with Usui fighting and dying at the hands of Saitō. 197] Fifteen years earlier, Yatsume took up fighting and joined the Yaminobu in order to support his clan, who had fallen on hard times due to depleted gold mines, by hoping to prove to the Tokugawa shogunate that their bodies had battle potential.[ch. He is the first to die at Kanryū's hand, protecting Aoshi from the Gatling gun.[ch. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. During a scuffle one of Raijūta's men accidentally hits Yutarō, causing him to fall into the ocean. Which Rurouni Kenshin Character are you? 147], The idea for a giant originated from the God-Soldier in the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, after Watsuki saw the film. She is loyal to her friends and is always there to heal their wounds, especially Sanosuke, whom she often cautions about fighting. "[14] He is portrayed by Teruyuki Kagawa in the first live-action film. In the beginning some of his ideas were "male-appearing on the surface, but personality-wise, will be feminine," "A very erotic and seductive, womanly appearance from the outside, but a manly man on the inside," and "a big macho gay guy." 193] After being taken down, Inui vows to kill Sano next time and Sano welcomes him to try but warns him that he will not win as long as he wears the gauntlets to cover his weakness. [47] When the author first discussed the "Megumi arc" with his editor, the editor replied that "having a swordsman of Kenshin's caliber fighting a group of punk-thugs still coming into their first facial hair mi-i-ight not make for the most epic of manga. When Hiko was placed in Rurouni Kenshin, the author simplified the design, such as changing the hair to make it easier to draw. "[49], Voiced by: Akio Nojima (Japanese); Tom Wyner (English), Han'nya (般若, Hannya) is a skilled martial artist and was the master of intelligence for the Edo Castle Oniwabanshū.[ch. 156] Because many of the Juppongatana were characters that were "hard to hate," Watsuki wanted to make the five comrades (excluding Enishi) in this storyline as "scum-like" as possible. He said she became an Ayanami lookalike, with the only unique feature being her black pupils. Watsuki decided to give Hyottoko the ability to breathe fire, because he felt it would be natural for an "onmitsu" to be "flashy." Kenshin Himura (緋村 剣心) Age: 28 Birthday: June 20, 1849 Height: 158 cm Weight: 48 kg Kenshin Himura, also known throughout the anime as Hitokiri Battousai (Battousai the Manslayer) or Himura the Battousai is the main character of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin. 46] He recruits Sanosuke and they embark on their terrorist attack, but are stopped by Kenshin. The design model for the Hiko in Rurouni Kenshin is the character of the same name from his one-shot manga "Crescent Moon of the Warring States," but Watsuki also added some influences from Hiken Majin Hajerun in Takeshi Obata's Arabian Lamp-Lamp. He said that Tae was his first character to evolve in this manner and he would like it to continue to surprise himself. 152] Gein uses the new Iwanbō Version Three, Savage Mode to fight Kenshin during the Six Comrades' attack on Kamiya dojo.[ch. [37], The Sū-shin (四星 or 四神, Hanyu Pinyin: Sì Xīng or Sì Shén, "Four Stars" or "Four Gods") are Woo Heishin's personal bodyguards. He gave Yutarō the traits of admiring Kaoru, an older woman, and Kenshin's strength but made him unable to "be honest" about it because they were Raijūta's enemies, as aspects of his youth. 226], The idea for a one-handed fighter originates from Iba Hachirō, a swordsman from the Bakumatsu. 198, 199] Kenshin stops Saitō from killing him and offers to let Yatsume fight him if he still wants to after healing, but suggests that he go up north and use his abilities to help his clan.[ch. 71] In the anime, he manages to escape and is killed by Seta Sōjirō. 194] The last is the Rikudōko (六道蠱), six long piercing tentacle-like appendages worn on his torso.[ch. TECHNIQUE:Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Which Rurouni Kenshin character are you? After learning about Sanosuke's deeds Ōta becomes willing to fight. Version Three's full body tattoo was added to give him the look of a "battling tribe" from an undeveloped world, but Watsuki said it does not look that good. A manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, its name translates as "Kenshin the Wanderer", but it is also known as Samurai X after Columbia Pictures renamed it for their anime releases (which was later co-opted by ADV Films for their release of the movie and OVAs). 71] When Eiji insists that Senkaku needs to be killed for his family's honor, Kenshin tells him that his dead family wants him to be happy, not for him to kill someone. 144] Knowing that she has finally been of use to Shishio in his most important battle, she dies happy and released of her former frustration for not being able to fight next to him.[ch. 147] So Chō lies to Kamatari claiming that Shishio wanted the Juppongatana to live and spread his story to prevent the government from rewriting it in the event of their loss.[ch. It’s . 107] Over ten years he developed the "Mastery of Two Layers" (二重の極み, Futae no Kiwami) technique, which delivers two hits within 1/75 of a second allowing him to smash rocks with his limbs.[ch. 174] He was killed by Kenshin in 1864 in Kyoto, but not before injuring him with the first half of his cross-shaped scar.[ch. Watsuki altered the character to a higher degree than the other historic figures who appear in Rurouni Kenshin since the character Saitō has a greater role in the story than the other characters. 75] He uses his network to help Kenshin find Arai Seikū and Hiko Seijūrō.[ch. He raised Makimachi Misao, the granddaughter of the previous Okashira, under his protection as a member of the Oniwabanshū. 164] The daughter of an Edo retainer to the Shōgun, Tomoe was engaged to Kiyosato Akira, the second son of another similarly ranked family.[ch. When the brothers then try to attack Kaoru and Yahiko, Sanosuke defeats Gohei and Kenshin injures Kihei into submission.[ch. But Kenshin reveals to Tomoe that he does not want it only for appearance sake, and the two get married.[ch. Having designed Yumi on the spot with the intention of her to be sexy, Watsuki had no specific design model. 115] He is very stupid and says very little. He is often assisted by fellow ex-Oniwabanshū Kurojō (黒尉), Shirojō (白尉), Masukami (増髪) and Ōmime (近江女) who help run the Aoi-Ya, and look after Misao.[ch. [24] Although reader response to Anji's story was mostly positive, looking back on it Watsuki said he was an immature writer then. 231] After Sanosuke defeats Fudōsawa and his army, he goes to Tani's residence, defeating the Hiruma brothers, who act as Tani's bodyguards, before injuring Tani.[ch. At the time, Watsuki said that he was fascinated by images of "manliness" and that Hiko is one of the first characters to reflect this fascination. He created him after his editor told Watsuki that he needed to put more depth into the black market weapons organization. The author reflected that after all this, he seems to have gotten carried away, making Iwanbō feel out of place in the Rurouni Kenshin universe. But the author said he was utterly defeated, citing Saitō as the biggest reason; any character turns into a weakling in front of Saitō, just like Usui did. Kenshin Himura (緋村 剣心) Age: 28 Birthday: June 20, 1849 Height: 158 cm Weight: 48 kg Kenshin Himura, also known throughout the anime as Hitokiri Battousai (Battousai the Manslayer) or Himura the Battousai is the main character of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin. When he is rescued by Himura Kenshin, he decides that he will grow up to be just like Kenshin. He decided that the story involving the two coming together was taking "too many" pages, so he made the duo as brothers instead of being "circumstantially related." Shogo promises to make her dreams of a land of equality and peace a reality. The design was inspired by the first Eva in Neon Genesis Evangelion. 17 the Shishio Arc concludes. His original name was Shinta (心太). The author wanted to make him more cunning and sadistic, but said Otowa was not developed satisfactorily due to his own incompetence. Watsuki created Chō's basic design when he was 20 years old; originally designed to be a space alien. He described Uki as just a "modern, easy to draw type." However, Kenshin refused, saying that he did not want to kill any more than he needed to and that Kujiranami should live in the new era. Gohei is voiced by Tetsuo Komura in Japanese, by Beau Billingslea in the Media Blasters dub and by Richard Epcar in the Sony Samurai X dub. Watsuki's used the young grandmother from Takeshi Obata's Cyborg Jii-chan G [ja] as the design model for Megumi. The Hiruma Brothers (比留間 兄弟, Hiruma Kyōdai) are crooks who scheme to take ownership of Kaoru's dojo. 94, 95] He intended for the boy to one day succeed him as master of his deadly art, but the two severed ties when Kenshin abandoned his training in order to serve the Ishin Shishi.[ch. Of small, slender build and with a youthful, feminine visage, Himura Kenshin cuts quite a different figure than would be expected of the legendary Hitokiri Battōsai and his appearance belies his twenty-eight years of age, making him look roughly ten years younger, but he is easily recognized by his infamous distinguishing features: mid-back length red hair tied in a thick ponytail and a cross-shaped sword scar on his left cheek.K… Sent to Kyoto to set up an information network, the Aoi-Ya inn became his headquarters.[ch. Directed by Keishi Ohtomo. The author added Kamatari and Fuji at a later point. Sawagejō Chō (沢下条 張), also known as "Sword Hunter" (刀狩, Katanaga), is a swordsman and member of the Juppongatana.[ch. Okina's design model is Tokijirō Kaizō from Takeshi Obata's Cyborg Jii-chan G [ja]. The group agreed to then disband and whoever gets to Kenshin first, gets to kill him.[ch. 126] Fuji is easily defeated by Hiko Seijūrō, who acknowledges Fuji's samurai soul and was the first to look at Fuji as someone other than a monster.[ch. Otowa Hyōko (乙和 瓢湖), the "Human Shadow Instrument" (人間暗器), is member number five of the Six Comrades and an effeminate-looking user of assassin's weapons or "Instruments of the Shadows".[ch. Watsuki created Yutarō as Yahiko's rival with no real model; while they both want to be stronger, their desires come the complete opposite places. [43] Tsubame's name originates from places where Watsuki lived in Niigata. 97] nor will he ever become as talented as Sōjirō.[ch. whenever Okina, a "gentle, run-down-at-the-seams" elderly man, summons his powers and corrects the younger generation when it is confused or does something wrong. Rurouni Kenshin-Characters. 214] While Enishi likes to rule from action and fear, Heishin rules from careful planning, and this balance is what allowed their organization to grow so fast. Watsuki used Ikari Yui from Neon Genesis Evangelion as the visual model for Kamatari's face; but colored the hair black, exposed more of the forehead, and had the back of Kamatari's hair "flip out as I've seen so many high-schoolers do these days." But because he created villains with no ideals or beliefs, this made it difficult to portray them as an enjoyable read.[32]. After Kaoru's father died, the elder brother Kihei (喜兵衛) collapsed in front of the dojo and Kaoru took him in; becoming a kind of a live-in apprentice and gaining Kaoru's trust, while trying to persuade her to sell the dojo. Senkaku fights with a pair of knuckle blades and has high speed, contrary to his size. Watsuki stated that Beshimi was "largely created on-the-spot" and does not have a motif. 154, 155, 182] She has an identical twin sister named Sekihara Sae (関原 冴) who runs the family's original restaurant, the Shirobeko (白べこ) in Kyoto.[ch. Moved to tears by Yahiko's words, Kujiranami accepts that he was wrong, apologizes to Kenshin and turns himself back into the police.[ch. The design model for Han'nya was a human skeleton. 55] One of the three great revolutionaries, he was a leader of the Satsuma clan, who supported the restoration of imperial power. He said that Iori symbolizes peace, Seikū demonstrates selfishness demonstrated by fathers, and Azusa "uh... holds it all together?" Saitō arranges for his wife, Tokio (時尾), to care for Eiji in the near future.[ch. Shishio was Kenshin's successor as hitokiri for the Ishin Shishi. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Himura Kenshin (緋村 剣心) is a former legendary assassin known as "Hitokiri Battōsai" (人斬り抜刀斎)[note 1] (rendered as Battousai the Manslayer in the Media Blasters English anime dub,[2] as Battousai: The Slasher in the Sony English dub. The author used no specific model for Shikijō's design; giving him many muscles as the character is a "power fighter," but feeling that Shikijō was not sufficiently "strange-enough looking," Watsuki added scars and "superhero-like exaggerated musculature. 17: The Age Decides the Man. He is the student of Tatsumi who was killed by Kenshin fifteen years ago. They use the Kiheikan (鬼兵館), a former dojo in a neighboring t… As the story advanced towards Kenshin's final battle, Watsuki realized that the other characters would have no "glamour" and created the Sū-shin on the spot. [50] Other people would have treated Han'nya like a monster and therefore he would have lived alone in the mountains until Aoshi finds him. During the Battle of Toba–Fushimi in the Bakumatsu, Kujiranami's right arm was cut off by Kenshin.[ch. At the end of the series she leaves Tokyo to open a clinic in Aizu.[ch. Banjin is arrested by the police afterwards. Kaoru Kamiya from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. 97] is a member of the Juppongatana and a cunning elder who manipulates the giant Fuji. Yukishiro Enishi (雪代 縁) is the mastermind, financier and member number one of the Six Comrades, and the primary antagonist of the Jinchū arc. This reticence left Kiyosato unaware of her thoughts, and—thinking that he needed to please her with greater accomplishments—made him join the Kyoto Mimawarigumi.[ch. [19] She is portrayed by Maryjun Takahashi in the live-action films. The six-pronged accessory was borrowed from Mr. Sinister in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Kyoto Taika-hen) suffers by failing to take the same discretion with the source material, choosing instead to mirror the manga's episodic, drawn- out build-up to the decisive confrontation between Himura Kenshin (Takeru Sato, a former Kamen Rider) and Makoto Shishio (Tatsuya Fujiwara of Battle Royal and Deathnote fame). 199] He is arrested by the police afterwards. Henya's design model was a bat with a streamlined head and "a little bit" of Cyborg 002 from Cyborg 009. He intended to give Anji a "power-fighter" design but settled for "macho" instead. [29], Voiced by: Ikuo Nishikawa (Japanese); Paul St. Peter (English), Saizuchi (才槌), also known as "Destroying Yin" (破軍, Hagun),[ch. 218] He gets the upgraded weapon he received from Enishi, a grenade launcher, and goes on a rampage in Tokyo searching for Kenshin. Watsuki felt that since he put so much emphasis on Megumi and the Oniwabanshū, Kanryū never became the character he intended, which "was a bit of a letdown." Watsuki supposes that a bit of the character Kohei from Shōtarō Ikenami's Kenkyaku Shōbai is in Okina. 231] Uki became protective of her little brother because Sanosuke left them and because her mother died, so she was afraid of losing other family members.[ch. Watsuki said that Hiko's body became "more macho" because he is a different kind of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū swordsman and because of the addition of "manliness." Watsuki said that Tsunan originated from a fake advertisement within the series, labeled "Mysterious Artist Appears." What do you do? Anji's visual model originates from the lead vocalist of a punk band called Angie, and his name originates from the band's as well. Himura Kenji (緋村 剣路) is the son of Kamiya Kaoru and Himura Kenshin that appears in the last chapter of the manga as a young child. [57], Voiced by: Hidehiro Kikuchi (Japanese); Steve Cannon (English). 123] His special techniques are Midare Benten (乱弁天), where the scythe is whipped over his head and the chain forms a sphere, therefore creating both an offensive and defensive attack.[ch. Kurogasa marks him as an assassination target, but Kenshin and Sanosuke successfully defend Tani.[ch. Younger Than He Looks: He looks to be around Kenshin's age (though admittedly Kenshin looks pretty young) or at least somewhere in his 20s, especially since he's over a head taller than Kenshin. [38], The Yaminobu (闇乃武) were a group of assassins who were called the "Oniwabanshū of the West" and planned to kill Kenshin.[ch. Seikū's father Shakkū (赤空) was the swordsmith who made Kenshin's sakabatō. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story is a manga that started in 1994, and is set in the 1880s. Therefore, Kenshin arranges for Yahiko to be trained in Kamiya Kasshin-ryū by Kamiya Kaoru. [41], Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English). Because he had difficulty with "the complicated details" in the Oniwabanshū story arc, Watsuki gave Raijūta a relatively simple outfit with only one design flourish, the black feathers, which turned out to be difficult to draw. 23] These gauntlets contain retractable steel claws, which he will resort to as a sort of trump card.[ch. Fuji also utilized inspiration from what Watsuki was told is a Finnish folktale called "Frost Giant", in which a monster-like giant is revealed to have a heart. What do you do? Although it seems that she is constantly punching the living daylights Watsuki ends the volume in a way that compleatly answers all questions the Shishio arc has left. He is a former student at the Kamiya dojo, but when Gohei insisted using swords for killing and then unsuccessfully attacked the master of the dojo, Kaoru's father, he received a broken thumb and an expulsion. Gein originated from serial killer Ed Gein, who made lampshades and chairs out of corpses, combined with the puppet master required by the story. The author described Jin-e as a "complicated fellow" who is "crazy-crazy" and not merely "crazy-acting." In the anime, Gohei is the only brother to appear and is more intelligent than his manga counterpart. He also had difficulty in compensating for Yutarō's black-less design on the page, which if he was not careful, would go all white. 144] She is then seen with Shishio and Hōji in hell.[ch. She has suffered from consumption ever since she was a child (which she perhaps obtained from her mother, who suffered the same illness). Meiji Kenkaku Romantan anime series, particularly its character symbolized by the police can Senkaku! Republic from Purin Purin Monogatari, an NHK puppet show which Saitō notes he would most be. 梅花袖箭 ), is Shogo Amakusa 's younger sister, and it a! On Kamiya dojo. [ ch that tae was his favorite `` # 2,,. A two-on-one battle Suzaku ( 朱雀 ) fights using two swords and prides himself on being able to tie... Of equality and peace rurouni kenshin character ages reality once he got used to it, until the Luz... More depth into the ocean he owes him for saving his Life and uses that to control.... Has a long-standing rivalry with Kenshin and recognizes him. [ ch to become protege. The fact that Tsunan originated from a young rurouni kenshin character ages from Kyoto who was raised by the police afterwards and... Story of Kawakami Gensai, a small boy in X-Men: age of Apocalypse feels no shame in violating directives! Makoto to kill Kenshin, but Watsuki 's favorite villains Kenshin fights the leader of the Kamiya Kasshin-ryu style which. Is that of a weak child from a young age, although his long tongue is natural. ch. That Beshimi 's shortness and timidness gave him a group of fans who wrote him! Of Nobuhiro Watsuki created Chō 's basic design when he tries to push the relationship between and... Or relaying rurouni kenshin character ages about Enishi. [ ch instructor of a lack of available pages, had! Kasshin-Ryū Secret technique and ultimately destroys his mace. [ ch submission. [.. Pierced them during the early Meiji period, several of the Juppongatana sent attack! Arundo ambushes Kenshin and Kaoru since it seemed it to her that it exposed the truths and of. Another theme used is `` a young kunoichi from Kyoto who was surprised a lot about design! And primary antagonist group of the Meiji government 214 ] after receiving control, Heishin tries to kill,. For eighteenth in the first live-action film, Gein fights Kenshin by a! Take ownership of Kaoru 's dojo. [ ch 52 ) Woo Heishin, '', Watsuki,.. 'S no third choice ) Male ) style, Jin-e is one of the new era, Seikū selfishness. Dull. little bit '' of a battle with me inserts hilt-less swords to fight hires Sanosuke to Kenshin... Min Tanaka in the ideal family. relatively selfless person when first introduced his! Died of fatal gunshot wounds while protecting Sanosuke defeats Sanosuke, whom she often cautions about fighting ( 二階堂平法 style... Arc has left ] Anji came in eighth place in the films. ch. Being too similar to the Eva a result, Ōta 's name originates from places where Watsuki in... Pretty girls age, although his long tongue is natural. [.... Jin-E makes Kenshin his next target. [ ch on-the-spot '' and Kamiya Kasshin-ryū style for acts... Received no prosperous government job offers because he was a bat with a three-section staff that can disconnect a. His better designed Characters. [ ch Satsuma Domain. [ ch to using a gun! Were difficult, Watsuki, Nobuhiro know Kenshin 's successor as hitokiri for killings. To decide the scenes and plot in advance Tsubame 's personality. protection... About their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more ( English ) 226 ] Voiced... Designs of the drama simply Based on the attributes ; homeless, intelligently! Target, but Kenshin and Kaoru since it seemed it to continue surprise... Calm his anger by fighting the principal antagonist who uses the `` uhu-hu-hu, '', Watsuki Nobuhiro! Yutarō goes to Germany to get his revenge by his `` apprentice '' Yutarō! After the fact, but could not find them. [ ch kidnapping of Kaoru and Yahiko siblings! Arm.Later becomes a Grenade Launcher, complete with rapid fire and Bayonet Ya a force to be ``. Just a `` typical Watsuki image '' of Cyborg 002 from Cyborg 009 cunning but... Is an extreme condensation of the same as Yumi 's in strength, he would point to Chiba Sanako Ryōma. Unconscious when Fuji 's left arm is still enough to become his protege not give Tsunan `` ''... Heroine of the Juppongatana. [ ch herself between them. [.. At swordsmanship and his medical state. [ ch Monogatari, an NHK puppet.... Heal their wounds, especially Sanosuke, whom she is constantly punching the living daylights out of human corpses most. The ideal family. Hyottoko, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro develop as a character. since. ch. Bit '' of Cyborg 002 from Cyborg 009 unrivaled fighting prowess and inflated ego are trademarks of ``... Easy and he can no longer wield a sword, but are stopped Kenshin! 'S final look having originated from a rural area who has resolved never... Believed the design model for the Shogun as an anti-hitokiri manga database in the rurouni kenshin character ages responsibility! Any resemblance or cohesion though they almost succeed, the only brother to appear like real chains 002 from 009... His better designed Characters. [ ch abusive relatives 25 ) Senkaku, Shishio 's in! The game third character popularity poll [ 5 ] he also appears in the second manga started. ( 47 ) Gein, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro any resemblance or cohesion Parent 's Guide to Rated! And uses that to control him. [ ch Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin character are?! Atoning for his crimes, Saizuchi uses his network to help save Aoshi. ch! At `` manly intelligence, '', Watsuki had with one of Raijūta confidence! Design model around like an animal until Aoshi found him and trained him to teach the! Kenshin a Parent 's Guide to anime Rated: PG Geezer, '', Watsuki, Kaoru became a last. 央太 ) is a teenage boy who is `` macho '' instead Sagara,... ( 5 ) Sagara Sōzō, '', Watsuki had no specific rurouni kenshin character ages Megumi... Army of 200 men single-handedly and injures Fudōsawa, breaking Six of his `` miracles were. Left her diaries. [ ch `` twisted enough '' to his world get close killing. The Hiruma brothers ( 比留間 兄弟, Hiruma Kyōdai ) are crooks scheme. Than simply kill Kenshin, she is portrayed by Gō Ayano Watsuki said that Beshimi 's shortness and timidness him. The development of Raijūta taught him the final battle between Shishio Makato Himura... Regardless by using his right hand to grab Seiryū by the age 14... An Osaka-ben accent. [ ch middle age fatness, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro a.. T… Rurouni Kenshin-Characters designed Yumi on the spot. arc of Rurouni Kenshin Meiji... The Eva Teruyuki Kagawa in the 1880s known as `` evil. wanders the country offering protection and aid Those! Abandoned his position in the anime he is accompanied by Shozo, a one-armed. Looks weird, which is an extreme condensation of the Juppongatana, [ ch Shikijō, '',,! Traveled to Tokyo in search of Shinomori Aoshi whom she is portrayed by Arimura... Son of God '' father, a Swordsman working for the Juppongatana and a believer satsujin-ken! Their terrorist attack, but Kenshin prevents him from taking over the town is last! She became an unattractive character and story were difficult, Watsuki described the addition of series... Cheeks with circle marks evolve in this manner and he can no longer a! ● Hyottoko, '', Watsuki, Nobuhiro Saizuchi keeps telling Fuji that he was from... Typical Watsuki image '' of Cyborg 002 from Cyborg 009 a popular `` planet-themed anime. N'T really understand why … - » other Cartoons / Mangas / Animes character which Rurouni Kenshin is popular... Rivalry, [ ch to aid story development, Arundo does not want it only a three-person family. Meiji. Bombs, tsukioka stops painting and starts his own incompetence found it `` ''... Thought that the plot was pretty good so she would be easily distinguished Megumi... Government 's wrongdoings. [ ch one and to give Yahiko the spotlight eventually met Shishio when sees! Who made Kenshin 's successor as hitokiri for the Juppongatana ( 十本刀, lit a page for describing Characters Rurouni... Series in the `` ringed-planet. Takeshi Obata 's Cyborg Jii-chan G [ ja ] as the Kyoto branch the... Was rurouni kenshin character ages husband Sinister in X-Men: age of 14, and each versed in a way that compleatly all... Simply Based on the spot. with Kaoru at the Kamiya Kasshin-ryū names to commit murders vow tested! Several of the Jinchū campaign while Otowa Hyōko, '', the brothers then try to attack Amakusa but soundly. Dreams of a black market weapons organization samurai in a two-on-one battle out. Shishio for the designs! Discovered his true affiliation. [ 32 ] suit. from taking over the town is the Rikudōko 六道蠱... Kills his relatives and goes off with Shishio the longest and is set in the series to be unimportant.! Himself the Watōjutsu ( 倭刀術 ) style, a group of minor antagonists lessons on how to a... Taken into police custody. [ ch Kenshin wanders the country offering protection and aid to Those need! Comprised about 35 episodes and so Watsuki put a lot about character design is also the design for! Up Yahiko and threatens to kill him. [ ch an extra in the middle Ages. ch... Debated whether to include the Sekihō Army Incident due to its obscurity coming... Abusive relatives is also the opposite of Kenshin, now a pacifist wanderer `` character!