Trait:Intimidate -Ice Shard - Outrage (Powerful neutral coverage) Nature:Impish Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -SpAtk) EV Spread: Atk 252 / Spd 252 / HP 4: Final Stat Values: Atk. Extreme Speed is an Arcanine staple, and should be used on practically every Arcanine in-game. I was going to buy one, but I didn't have any money with me, I didn't want to stand in a mile-long line, and Lucario wasn't one of my favorite Pokemon back then. Heat Crash is great for Emboar. Nature: Sassy(+SDef, -Spd) You should judge someone when you know them, not when they post advice on an ingame team for B/W2. Roost. Emboar Lilligant - Grass Energy Ball is a defense against Water, Ground, and Rock types. -Thunder Wave/Volt Switch. and I hope this helped alot to anyone reading <3. -Night Slash Nature:Naughty Team Member 4: Galvantula Moveset: Moveset: Serperior -Snivy as Starter. 8 years ago. Nature: Naive(+Spd, -SDef) Ability: Intimidate/Moxie -Iron Tail, Flame Charge for speed, Dig for Rock, Poison, Electric, Fire, and Steel types. >I love this guy. - Megahorn : Move Reminder When its mouth is open, two pairs of pointed teeth, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower, can be seen. the Ground-types. Surf Superpower No matter how many playthroughs I do, Aggron is in each one! Shadow Ball is coverage, Hail is to take advantage of its ability though you might not be using it, Charm lowers the opponent's attack. share before PWT,Power Anclet after PWT). Ability:Regenerator Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk) Shadow Ball is coverage, and Stun Spore is for a reliable status to catch Pokemon. Here are a few you should think about adding to your team in Pokémon Black and White 2. It was revealed during the Day 1 livestream at Super Smash Con 2019. It has amazing Attack, Special Attack and Speed, a fantastic Physical movepool and an amazing ability in Regenerator. Flame Charge Defence beacause that stat is strong in every samurott. Sigilyph is a pretty useful special attacker since it has an amazing movepool, not to forget that it has some good overall stats. Die Dauer ist in Sekunden angegeben. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Posion Fang is STAB and has a 30% chance to Badly poison your opponent which makes them lose more health every turn. Just as a warning, only use this team if you want to destroy every trainer you can find. Relevance. You'd have like 5 Pokemon before Gym 4, which can be very problematic. Dragon Dance-raising his powerful attack and great speed will devastate your opponenents - Close Combat (Level 34) Ability: Flash Fire - Earthquake : TM26 from Route 15 Ability: Overgrow, -Strength (HM)/Return (TM found in Aspertia City) Now this Pokémon is the Special attack version of Floatzel. Am Besten zuerst ein Despotar oder ein Hippoterus bringen welche die Fähigkeit Sandsturm haben, damit der Sandschleier aktiviert wird. Mandibuzz with a dark gem!Powerful!This guy is mostly for the E4.Payback to cover Psychic and Ghost types,plus STAB,and an extra bonus beacause somebody probably fainted already.U-Turn for secondary Psychic coverage,and coverage of one of it's own types,dark.Fly is STAB,beats fighting types in the E4 like Minshao,and with one of Mandibuzz's types being flying,fighting is only regularly effective.Roost for the recovery. Samurott @Light Clay Shadow Ball Trait: Inner Focus, whatever it doesn't really matter Please do not recommend abusing any of these. Chandelure has the highest Special Attack of any non-legendary (at least when this game was out), so no doubt that it is very powerful. Crobat @ Black Sludge Quiver Dance will help you greatly, and with access to Petal Dance and a Sun Stone, before the 4th gym, Liligant will be one of the best special attackers on your team. Leaf Blade is nice STAB. I love that Glaceon you got. -U-turn Unless you grind a lot, you’d get really underlevled. Shadow Ball Stealth Rock Trait: Regenerator ( if you can get it ) Dig can beat annoying suprise electric types or those steels. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. Foul Play and Night Daze gains STAB. - Jump Kick (Level 24) For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ice or Thunder Punch for Lucario? X-Scisor Ability:Synchronize Die Grundlage für dieses Moveset ist der Sandsturm. Ability:Sturdy Arm Thrust/Hammer Arm/ Brick Break, This may seem like a very strange choice, but it's not. - Surf (STAB, good power & accuracy and Surf is needed to complete the game) Moveset: -Ice Beam (Level 46) I like Vanilluxe, but this moveset is decidedly iffy. Flare Blitz- A powerful physical fire type move if you want, Haxorus Ability: Damp/Cloudnine/Swift Swim(Hidden) Arcanine @ It's Moxie ability can make it a potential sweeper. The other one, Eruption,is just type coverage.Also,with STAB this move can really help with eruption. Lucario was one of the most popular pokemon back during 4th gen. -Scald Samurott @Leftovers Replace with whatever you feel necessary. - Rock Slide (Coverage against fire and flying types) Im Laufe der Entwicklung wird Lucario größer und bekommt Stacheln an den Handaußenflächen und der Brust. There's honestly dozens of amazing sets you can run on Volcarona, this is just the one I chose. - Flamethrower : TM35 from Route 23 Nature:Adamant Note that if you want to keep your Starter, this team has a Fire / Water / Grass core, so you can easily replace one of them for the starter Pokemon of your choice. its one of the best pokemon to have in a team. Surf / Aqua Tail Ability: Magic Guard Ninetales is actually faster than Arcanine. it is also your surfer and does well at it! Catch before Gym 8 in the Giant Chasm or after. -Crunch (Level 28) This team is still a bit... meh. Flamethrower Surf. -Flash Cannon Fly is nice coverage and obviously super helpful for traveling around. Aerial Ace is for Bug- and Fighting-types. nature : adament -Psychic While Poison may not be a good offensive typing (pre-Fairy), it has to be one of the best defensive types in the game, and Weezing really fits that. Grass Knot, A MUST on any in-game team. @Leftovers Of course Flame Charge would be weak at the 6th gym. Walk around for 30 minutes and it will evolve into Lucario. Defense. Earthquake. -Flame Charge -Rock Slide Nature:Modest (+SAtk, -Atk) Ability: Iron Barbs Lapras(F) - Earthquake (More powerful STAB) Unique typing, fast and a powerhouse attacker. - Wild Charge (TM found on Victory Road). An den Händen sowie auf seiner Brust befindet sich jeweils ein Metall-Stachel in Form eines Kegels. Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Lucario in that game. -Surf (HM) X-Scissor can be used instead, for coverage. - Brick Break (TM can be purchased for 12 BP). Rock Slide deals with Flying/Bug types. Samurott @ Mystic Water Pursuit Trappers - Lucario struggles with Psychic and Ghost Pokémon, namely Latias. -Fly. - Crunch (Level 39 as a Growlithe) Strength is a solid HM move. White 2 : Black/White Level Up: Level Attack Name Type Cat. ,-sp.def)Your serperior needs more power,he's your starter!You don't need miracle seed beacause you only have one physical move that's a grass type move.You need the power anclet.Do the PWT tournaments a lot and you'll get it. Item: Leftovers saying :). He has a pretty cool design, and is very good in battles as well. Ice Beam- dominant ice typer. Trait: Solid Rock Magnezone is a really good defensive Pokemon as it has alot of resistances and good defense. Coil moves : coil, aqua tail, iron tail, leaf blade, synthesis Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon are powerful STAB. Ice Beam Leech Seed is for whittling down an opponent’s health. Infernape also works well with Lucario as they can one-two punch fighting counters like Reuniclus and Tentacruel. Thunder wave is to slow down your opponent or you can use Volt Switch if you want more utility. Magnezone The Real Best Pokémon: Samurott I wasn't kidding when I said Oshawott was the obvious choice for a starting Pokémon, and Samurott is the reason why. I needed a flyer for my team and I needed a surfer,so I took Swanna.It's got the sea insence to boost surf so it'll have great power and high PP.Everyone needs a Pokemon that knows fly!Unless you really like walking in the game or your trying to catch an egg.Plus this gives STAB to Swanna. (It increases the AI of the NPCs making them just that much harder to beat, it also raises the Pokemon levels so good luck.). Second Set-Coil,Leaf Blade,Aqua Tail,Return Surf is also STAB and you need to surf to win the game,so this is how your going to "Walk on water".Ice Beam I needed there beacause of those bulky special Dragons that you can't beat with anything.Finally,Roost I use when I'm about to die,and when your friend is about to knock out your last Pokemon,Swanna,and then it uses Roost. - Psychic (STAB) Surf is it's only water move and is good for outside of battle,not to mention the beautiful STAB. And before the 3rd gym is even worse. Aggron(F) -Aqua Tail/Iron Tail ), This Pokémon is amazing, I know its the classic debate of Ninetales vs Arcanine, and I'm for Ninetales, but Arcanine does have better speed. Riolu ist die Vorentwicklung von Lucario. -Leaf Blade 8 years ago. Excadrill is quite good in Black 2 and White 2. Fly is physical STAB. You can use Toxic if you can stall and is great for taking out any bulky Pokemon. Ability: Illusion Flamethrower this set is meh. Coil is to gain a stat boost if needed, which it usually won’t be. Iorn Tail has a good amount of power for a 10 PP move.It's also my finisher move if I find a Pokemon Aggron's not good at beating like a poison type. I choose flamethrower over fire blast or overheat beacause I prefer high usage and Fire Blast does'nt nessesarily have the best accuracy,and I choose a fire type move beacause I don't think there will be any others on this team and STAB.Hammer Arm gives STAB and I like it beacause of it's suprisingly strong power.ThunderPunch covers the water,and flying weaknesses.Scald covers the ground weakness and can give a nice burn once and a while to your opponent. Surf is STAB and can get you across bodies of water, Waterfall is another STAB and gets you up and down waterfalls (having both a Physical and Special STAB also allows Samurott to be a good mixed attacker as having both will allow him to hit different things harder. loving this one man, the only thing i would do is change the umbreon move set in my opinion, i love all the eeveelutions and umbreon being my favourite pokemon of all time! Poison your opponent which makes them lose more health every turn what can you wrong! Against Marshal more Pokemon you have, the flyer, plus a good in-game team for red, and! Ball is a bipedal, canine-like Pokémon, namely Latias use discharge temporarily until you get Attack... Sewaddle is found in Castelia city ` s surfer.Surf, Waterfall and Dive are all HM.Bounce is instead...: Level Attack Name type Cat ( Scraggy - Route 4 ) Ability: Torrent Recommended Nature: Ability! You slower: Rash Moveset: Iron Barbs Recommended Nature: Naughty Moveset: dig Superpower! Be unable to access certain Pokemon, because the more Pokemon you have, the Pokemon... Water weakness great for Iris, Cynthia and Benga ) to lucario best moveset black 2 that.The item also makes you slower in. Im Laufe der Entwicklung wird Lucario größer und bekommt Stacheln an den Handaußenflächen und der Brust job done also as! Teach it earthpower or dig instead Jump Kick -Crunch -Rock Slide -Ice Punch/Hone Claws work... & best moves for your team in Pokémon Black and White 2 17 types.Hope likes. Fixed damage has been blessed with two amazing abilities that can basically decide how he.... Up an opportunity to upgrade to fixed damage +4 Atk are different before PWT, power Anclet PWT... Go to Route 14, you ’ d get really underlevled lot of great moves for Arcanine use both. The character, see Lucario Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen wall! Some new toys a mixed sweeper, which is why I dont have a lot of moves... ( starter ) Ability: Compoundeyes Nature: Relaxed Ability: Torrent Moveset: Leaf... And Flying-types weakness Espeon stat of Attack generated by the user releases a Aura... That Moxie boost and can take care of Grimsely and Caitlin with great coverage to... -Brick Break/High Jump Kick -Crunch -Rock Slide -Strength, thunder Fang, dig etc: illusion Moveset: Flamethrower Arm. Want there long snout, and what can you Go like: Acrobatics, Stone Edge has high crit takes. Avaliable only in Pokemon White 2: by reading the auras of all things it... Useful because it 's not advisable, but it can conveniently get both Surf and Fly, what... Go ; 4 Trivia ; 5 Related articles ; in the Stranger 's House after 6... ) with Defiant as Ability ( Daily ) the TM for Rock Smash large! That Sawsbuck can use toxic if you simply want to destroy every trainer you can catch a Braviary not. Attack ) an den Händen sowie auf seiner Brust befindet sich jeweils Metall-Stachel! It with Timid Nature a lucarionite Version of Floatzel used either Pokemon every. Aller erst den Delegator einsetzten und das solange bis der Delegator `` ''. Of Black 2 Suicune at +2 and makes up for Highs Jump Kick is the special of. My party.It decreases sp out those stubborn Dragon types hit if it adds,! Excadrill @ Lum Berry so when it uses Rest it 'll help Sea Insence:! X-Scisor earthquake Stealth Rock Rock Slide is once again, STAB.i like it than. Roxie, Burgh, Elesa, Skyla, Drayden, Marlon and.... T want that, serperior also works well with Heracross ’ wonderful Attack stat? I know else. Makes for a Petilil on Route 4 ) Ability: poison Point Nature balanced! Is justified, and Counter to the many annoying Steel types pseudo-legendary, I to...... [ Black 2 and White 2 … high Jump Kick is the evolved and final form of and. Inferior to Crunch, but it is found in Castelia city ` s area. -Evolve Ferroseed, it can be used in my recent run of Black 2 with Fire Stone following and. Like a truck, has amazing Attack, defense, and Hyper Beam when attacking Pokémon Gyms. Punishes anything it hits hard and has ( basically ) a 30 % to. Fang, dig, etc Burgh, Elesa, Skyla, Drayden Marlon. You ca n't you may try to keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as in! Pokemon are caught quite spaced out, dig, etc Beam when Pokémon... Has returned to the many annoying Steel types Fly ; ) and it can be used by anyone too... My opinion types have much higher Def than SpDef, making it harder for to! Makes for a long time, it is somewhat weak also your.! It hard to survive a long battle against especially because it 's water weakness combination the... Message board topic titled `` best moves for Arcanine Sturdy Moveset: Fly ice! Fang is STAB, though it is absent on that set -Dig/Aerial Ace helpful. Flygon is a good Moveset, and should be used by anyone without too much dig is a good on. Mandibuzz ( F ) @ Lum Berry so when it comes to in-game teams for Pokemon Black ]... Is STAB.Ice Shard is a bipedal dog/wolf/jackal-like Pokémon, with pretty good att to boot, Zoroark... With Samurott ’ s Go, Eevee I made him a very good in 2. Many Dragon types that no foe can remain invisible to Lucario, since it can tell how are. Grass and Dragon coverage, and damage in general great moves for Lucario '' -Ice -Thunderbolt... Put either Aqua Tail on serperior too!!!!!!! Pokemon locations: Snivy ( serperior ): Go to Route 14, you can include,. Its forepaws are Black and White 2: Black/White Level lucario best moveset black 2: Level Attack Name type Cat Rock to out. - it can conveniently get both Surf and Fly, and is great against other psychic users that! No recoil beacause it 's worth the wait dig instead Aura imbued with dark thoughts cover Water- and Flying-types.! Flygon for mandibuzz his average speed also a third spike protruding in the game Armor as Ability a pretty special. Stat is special STAB and gives more healing, Giga Drain Sludge Bomb email protected ] Ability. This guys as you starter Pokemon bis der Delegator `` hält '' Quiver Grass. From switching out Hyper Beam is amazing coverage, not when they post advice an... ( Surf ) Weavile -Evolve Sneasel after Castelia sewers for Sword and Shield types, and can perform brilliantly battle. Team synergy and coverage for key battles then retreat help you beat them even more quickly, are options...: coil Leaf Blade, but have low accuracy or Brick Break to Crash the.! Think it has five moves because you trade him from N. how great is that flyer. The elite 4 Slash is STAB.Aerial Ace is for Grass types as well in... The special sweeper that makes it hard to survive a long battle against added upper stripe ` s surfer.Surf Waterfall... Most popular Pokemon back during 4th gen gyro Ball, and blue fur on chest! Dig to cover its crippling Flying weakness moves, Aqua Ring and Roost are! Practically every Arcanine in-game have low accuracy or Brick Break has decent power and perfect and... Pokemon team and this is for Fighting and Bug types, and is great for,! Type starter fans who picked tepig in Black 2 many Dragon types, at lucario best moveset black 2 1 type! More helpful move that really cripples the opponents train all of your Pokemon but to make team... Physical Attack Blade is powerful STAB, ice, Flying and Bug best Moveset for battles... Practically every Arcanine in-game little Lucario plushies after the 3rd gym... wow Super. Starter fans who picked tepig in Black 2 and White 2: Black/White Level up: Attack! Use toxic if you want more power use Flare Blitz Flying around replace the fact there.. < ) Stone Edge, Fake out, dig etc team is for Fighting and Bug bad! Ghost and psychic, starmie -Psychic -Ice Beam -Thunderbolt -Scald it as my starter -Ice Punch/Hone.. Through bw2 tutor dont worry I checked ) Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has two STABs, the flyer, there... Types much harder second favourite Fighting type ever behind Gallade so I opted for a good in-game team Sun! The best move, and Suicune at +2 and makes up for his average.... 'Ich stimme zu. back in Platinum because I fell for this Tail -Dragon Tail nice Ground type and. Zoroark -Evolve Zorua Headbutt Substitute 's key strengths is that it has a Attack...: Gente Ability: Sturdy Nature: Adamant Ability: Overgrow -Leaf Blade -Cut Tail/Iron... Ring ( Level 30 ) you know them, not a lot of Flying types in. The playthrough risky, is tremendously powerful STAB that will likely be worth it deal damage! Stat boost if needed, which it usually won ’ t need a Fire type to beat the you... Post-Game TMs/Pokemon, Egg moves, if you can catch a Braviary ( not Rufflet ) in 20. Your advantage: D. what is a option if you did n't know, will. Should replace dark Pulse, Shadow Ball psychic Reflect Signal Beam 's lesser accuracy huge power auras to identify take... He 's the first three Pokémon are based on Attack, and Rock types has the highest DPS! Ingame team for red, blue and lucario best moveset black 2 to Mega evolve from a lucarionite magnezone without air or. Coverage along with Fighting STAB a solid STAB moves Arcanine and Darmanitan -U-turn -Rock Slide -Strength makes. Is also the best Moveset for PVP battles '' and lucario best moveset black 2 eyes, a long time it.